prif’s 2015 Accessory Lineup is Already Looking Great

Any of you who have kept an eye on the site for the past few years will know we often cover gaming peripherals, having done so for the likes of Sennheiser and Gioteck on several occasions lately. But it looks like 2015 will bring another company to the forefront of gamers’ attentions: prif. We contacted Steve Gurevitz at who gave us some interesting sounding info about their upcoming range:

prif (or Preferential Accessories) is a new gaming accessory company that is bringing a fresh and exciting range of products to the market for 2015 and beyond. Our products are not vapourware, they are real, and will be at Gamescom. The team at prif are all experienced players in the accessory and videogames market and we are bringing our experiences (both good AND bad) together to create a new way of bringing products to market.

We know people buy accessories for their function, and our philosophy is to start with function, and then to find a form which best represents it, and protects it whilst still being visually pleasing. We’ve learnt that doing it the other way around leads to poor products, with the function sometimes being completely overlooked.

prif is bringing to market a complete range of products from headsets to gaming chairs, with chargers and thumbsticks available too.

We hope and expect to be in many major retailers but we will also be launching with our own store, from from the get-go. No “store launching soon” messages on our website for months at a time. This store will stock our products but also a selected, curated range from other companies. Good products and good solutions should be celebrated, whoever they are from, and we are happy to offer customers a range.

A quick look at their site suggests the likes of Turtle Beach and Razer will also be sold on their online store, giving you the chance to pick up one of prif’s own products or something decent by another company too.

prif box

prif will be at Gamescom showing off some of their kit, so if you’re heading that way for a bit of an adventure then be sure to stop by and see what they’ve got to offer – meanwhile keep your eyes on TGR, and we’ll bring you more info about their upcoming peripherals as and when we get it.

You can, and probably should, also follow them on Twitter (@priftech and @prifgear) and also find them on Facebook to get the info straight away.

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