August’s Free Games Preview

I’m not feeling hugely excited about the free games this month. Maybe it’s coming off the back of Rocket League (one of the best games this year a freebie on PSN – you can still get it if you’re quick!) Let’s break it down anyway – the links lead to our reviews of each game, so follow them if you need to know more:


Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes is free for the first half of August for Xbox One. Good if you haven’t played it although it was free on PSN a few months ago so as owner of both machines it’s not one for me to get on a different console. It’s a good stealth up, fairly short but very replayable in difference scenarios and ways. The back end has How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition which is a sort of top down zombie survivalist game. It sounds much better than it is although I’m assured that if you persevere there’s some fun to be had here. I’ve not played the re-release with additional content but the original left me feeling cold and unimpressed.

Xbox 360 owners get a month of Metro. Metro 2033 until the 15th then Metro: Last Light. Considered FPS classics, I unfortunately lost my save to a gamebreaking but in Metro 2033 years ago (it has been patched since) so never really got into them but it’s moody and substantial so if you’re not checked them out, worth a look.


The headline this month is Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris. It’s a top down/isometric adventure game that’s actually a lot of fun. It’s best played in co-op and given it’s now free there’s really no excuse. I had a blast in single player however it dragged a bit towards the end – but games are always better with mates! Limbo wraps up the PS4 exclusives, previously free on Xbox as well – a dark, atmosphere 2D platform adventure. Don’t play it if you’re having a blue day.

God of War: Ascension is the PS3 exclusive this month, a prequel to the entire series, GoW: Ascension gives more of that chaotic violent brawling the God of War series is known for.

Part physics destruction, part 2D brawler the PS3 (and Vita) also has CastleStorm. Released on Xbox for free recently as well (this is a theme this month) PS3 and Vita owners can experience this colourful and well received title for nothing.

Finally, across all Playstation formats are Stealth Inc 2 and Sound Shapes. I reviewed Stealth Inc 2 on Wii U and scored it 7/10 – continues the fun of the original although slightly more frustrating than the original. Sound Shapes is a side scrolling platform with a musical focus – I’ve never played this but I’ve heard many good things so will be checking it out along with everyone else.

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