September’s Free Games Preview

It’s the start of the Christmas push but that doesn’t mean there aren’t another load of free games on the way…

Xbox One receives The Deer God for 15 days until 16th September. “The Deer God is a breathtaking 3D pixel art adventure that will challenge your religion and your platforming skills.” Sounds interesting, always makes for an experience when a game takes on religion. It looks a bit like a pixelated Never Alone.

From the 16th and lasting a full month until October 16th unusually is Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition. Presumably this is to prepare the Xbox One owners for the timed exclusive launch of the new Tomb Raider by giving them loads of time to snap up the first of the rebooted franchise for nothing. A good idea – the game is excellent.

Xbox 360 owners aren’t quite so lucky with Battlestations: Pacific – an average air combat sim/real time tactics game for the first half of September, followed up by FPS Crysis 3. Crysis 3 actually had some good ideas and is a neat shoot em up which probably launched at the wrong time on a console saturated by first person shooters.

For Playstation fans it’s a big list of fairly weird sounding titles. The headline act is Grow Home as voted for by PS4 fans on their dashboards. It’s an adventure platform game from Ubisoft who probably do these better than anyone at the moment, telling the story of a little robot on a mission to save his planet.

On both PS4 and Vita are Xeodrifter and Super Time Force Ultra. Xeodrifter is a pixelated 2D platform shooter across alien landscapes and Super Time Force Ultra is a 2D scrolling shooter full of insanity – robots, dinosaurs, classic action movie heroes and time travel.

For PS3, Twisted Metal is free and gives players a chance to experience probably the finest version of vehicular combat in the series’ history. And exclusively for Vita is La-Mulana EX – a remake of 2005 platform game La-Mulana. Inspired by Indiana Jones, it uses classic visuals and brutal difficulty.

Finally on PS4 and PS3 we have Teslagrad. A puzzle platformer based around electricity and magnetism, unusually the game has no text or dialogue – the story is told purely through visuals.

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