November’s Free Games Preview

Remember remember the 5th of November, something something and free games! Once again, a bit of a mixed bag this month, let’s check the games out.

Xbox One
Pneuma: Breath of Life (free through November) – ok, I had to google the Xbox One releases this month. Pneuma is a story driven mystery puzzle game. It seems to pick up generally favourable reviews.
Knight Squad (free Nov. 16th-Dec 15th) – could be a surprise hit for this month, Knight Squad is a top down Gauntlet meets Bomberman mix. Kind of excited to see what this is like.

Xbox 360
DiRT 3 (free Nov 1st-Nov 15th) – fantastic rally title, worth nothing that when the update hits all Games with Gold games will be backwards compatible on Xbox One. Result!
Dungeon Siege III (free Nov 16th-Nov 30th) – it’s an action RPG (you will be seeing this sentence a lot this month) with all the expected upgrade trees and visuals that go with a Square Enix title.

Magicka 2 – a co-op RPG Diablo esque adventure, apparently best played in co-op too.
The Walking Dead Season 2 – sequel to the fantastic story driven tale of Lee and Clementine. I’ve not played this so am pretty excited about Season 2. I just wish I could carry over my story from Xbox 360.

PS4, PS3, PS Vita
Dragon Fin Soup – another RPG adventure game, this time Kickstarter funded though and hits PSN shortly after release. On all formats too, fairly excited about this one.

Beyond Good and Evil – regarded as a classic by many, with physical copies hard to find now PS3 owners get to sample this 3D epic.
Mass Effect 2 – RPGs are the theme of the month for PSN, space classic Mass Effect 2 is now free for all.

Invizimals – bit cheeky included a PSP title which is playable on Vita as the dedicated solo Vita release but still, augmented reality title Invizimals will at least offer something a bit different this month.

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