Free Games Preview: February 2016

Are February’s free games enough to warrant spending a valentines night in with your loved (Xbox) One or PlayStation? Take a look below and see what’ll be grabbing your attention this month…

Xbox One

Hand of Fate (Feb 1st — Feb 29th): action RPG set in a mystic universe with combat akin to Batman: Arkham Knight (but a lite version).

Styx: Master of Shadows (Feb 16th-Mar 15th): quality traditional stealth em up combined with 3D platforming. I loved this game. A bit rough around the edges but an interesting story and really great stealth gameplay. Take a look at our review here.

Xbox One / Xbox 360

Sacred Citadel (Feb 1st — Feb 29th): cell shaded 2D brawler actually looks quite interesting. You’re an ancient warrior fighting to save the land, but it looks quite nice and is co-op so worth a look.

Gears of War 2 (Feb 16th-Mar 15th): improving on the classic 3PS bro-shooter in many ways, Gears bridges the gap towards making this a trilogy. Suffers a bit as a traditional second act from a story perspective but you can’t deny the roly, shooty action.


Grid Autosport: the best of the Grid games in my opinion, the previously questionable handling is tightened up and the focus is all about the race. Looks fantastic and the presentation is scaled back from the previous OTT ultra-Americanised feeling of the other Grid games. One of the best PS3 racers, as outlined in our review.

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax: basically a full on nuts fighting game. Sequal to Persona 4 Arena, itself a spin off of the hugely popular Persona series, you’re fighting another with a series of ridiculous looking moves. Review’s over here.

PS4, PS3, PS Vita

Helldivers: Democracy Strikes Back – top down shooter with some strategy. Has more than a few RPG tinges to it and designed mostly for buddy co-op, this is more than an all out blaster and the jewel in the crown for Feb’s free games.

PS Vita

Lemmings Touch: it’s Lemmings with touch controls on the Vita. Does it work as good as point and click? Not really but Lemmings is always pretty cool.

Not Nom Galaxy:: from the Pixeljunk team it’s a 2D style platform exploring game combined with mining and construction. Think Terraria and you’ve got a pretty good idea.

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