March’s Free Games Preview

It finally gets a bit lighter in the evening but it’s a cracking month for free games so pretend it’s still deep winter to stay in at night and get gaming with these bad boys:

Xbox One

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments (March 1st – March 31st): an adventure mystery game (as you’d probably expect) with moral choices made influencing further gameplay. Imagine lots of investigation techniques to solve the cases you’re presented with. Check the review right here.

Lords of the Fallen (March 15th – April 15th): think Dark Souls in all but name and you sort of have this. I quite enjoyed it although like Dark Souls – it’s very hard. Also a bit brighter.

Xbox 360 (& Xbox One)

Supreme Commander 2 (March 1st – March 15th): RTS strategy game from 2010 where you must command troops in the wake of a Presidential assassination and lead a robotic force into battle.

Borderlands (March 16th – March 31st): there wasn’t really much like this when it came out in 2010, heavy RPG elements in a cell-shaded first person shooter set in an outlaw populated apocalypse world.


Broforce: Indie sensation and as voted for by PSN Plus suers, Broforce is the headline title this month. Think Rambo, Van Dam and just about all 80s action hero rolled into 2D pixel side scrolling shooting.

Galak-Z: Reviewed on the site not that long ago, Galak-Z is a rogue-like space ship shooter with great characters although it’s very, very hard.


The Last Guy: Imagine PacMan but you must rescue survivors in a zombie outbreak rather than collect yellow dots, and they follow you. And instead of mazes, you’re basically running around satellite views of Google maps in famous cities. The Last Guy is awesome.

Super Stardust HD: psychedelic twin stick shooting in space, expect to score hundreds of millions of points and blow up lots of space rock. Also, in case you didn’t know, the first ever PS3 game to support trophies.

PS Vita

Flame Over: isometric fire fighting simulator, it’s a month of difficult games but this fire fighting rogue like is worth sticking with – not many games offer the ‘simulation’ of being a firefighter and this is tricky but great fun.

Reality Fighters: an ARG fighting game, scan yourself in and err beat yourself up. Or beat others up. As yourself. Bit weird, sounds interesting.

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