Operation Flashpoint: Red River – Entry Into Tajikistan Video

Codemasters today released a new narrative gameplay video for Operation Flashpoint: Red River. Showing US Marines in action, the devastating effects of artillery, armour and air-support and introducing players to war’s ‘routine of unpredictability’, the ‘Entry Into Tajikistan’ video can be seen at the bottom of this post.

The video is the second in a series that focuses on Operation Flashpoint: Red River’s immersive narrative, which unfolds over distinct three acts – hit the related links below to see the first video. Set in 2013 in the new location of Tajikistan, the UMSC are sent in to defend American interests threatened by insurgency in the destabilised country. The video follows the Marines’ mission to secure a river dam, a vital part of Tajikistan’s vulnerable infrastructure. As narrator Staff Sergeant Knox informs us, their insurgent enemy is ‘entrenched and determined’ but ‘such an opportunity to win local hearts and minds is always worth a measured risk.’

Marines are shown facing down the insurgents, who fight a guerrilla war from the shadows and use their local knowledge to stage ambushes. Combining the different specialities contained within the four-man Fireteam, Marines sweep through compounds and towns, engaging enemies at close quarters and long range. Reflecting their role in a broader conflict as part of a large expeditionary force, they are shown in action alongside artillery, armour, air-support and additional infantry fireteams.

Well-trained, equipped and able to call upon mortar strikes and close air support, ‘the orders passed down to America’s fighting force are executed with precision’. Remaining vigilant in the theatre of war is essential as although ‘the Marines are prepared’ Tajikistan remains a place where one bullet can kill. On the sandbox battlefields of Operation Flashpoint: Red River, players must work as a team and think tactically in order achieve their objectives.


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