June’s Free Games Preview

June is here although the weather hasn’t caught up yet. But at least we have some more free games to stay inside with – Thanks England!

NBA 2K16 – regarded as one of the top sports simulation franchises, players can not try NBA 2K out for free. Not sure how big this is over here aside from the hardcore but perhaps this will now introduce a new suite of people to the game.

Gone Home: Console Edition – indie hit Gone Home now for free on PS4. A first person exploration adventure game set in a mansion, Gone Home is regarded critically as a big hit.

Echochrome – a puzzle game depending on perspective. You control a mannequin navigating shadows of objects. Pretty cool.

Siren: Blood Curse (Episodes 1-12) – a reiminagining of the first instalment of the Siren series, Blood Curse is a survival horror set in a Japanese village.

PS Vita
God of War: Chains of Olympus – Kratos on hand held basically beating up everyone. Set prior to the original God of War, Kratos is once again involved with the Gods causing all sorts of trouble.

Little Deviants – a mini game collection where you most complete the games in order to rebuild a spaceship.

Xbox One
Goat Simulator: June 1 to 30 – anotherĀ  big indie hit, I’m looking forward to trying this and seeing what all the ‘hype’ is. You’re a goat. It’s a simulation.

The Crew: June 16 to July 15 – Ubisoft’s open world racer The Crew is free from June 16th, received to mixed reviews but overhauled in patches. I wasn’t impressed initially but am looking forward to seeing how far it’s come with after launch support.

Xbox 360 (& Xbox One)
Super Meat Boy: June 1 to 15 – super hard and super excellent twitch platforming. You’re a boy made out of meat. It’s nuts. Did I mention it’s also really, really hard. But good.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown: June 16 to 30 – Turn based alien strategy, XCOM plays really well on consoles and this is a cracking title. Not for the feint of heart though – be prepared to be upset if you start naming your soldiers after your friends.

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