July’s Free Games Preview

Thankfully since summer has been cancelled in the UK (along with the hopes of football success and a sensible government) there’s a fairly decent lineup of free games this month; take a look and see what you’ll be downloading this time round:

Xbox One
The Banner Saga 2 (1st July – 31st July) – new release debuting for free on Xbox One. Saga 1 was a nicely animated turn based strategy game and Saga 2 sounds like it will be better in every way.

Tumblestone (16th July – 15th August) – claiming to completely reinvent the action-puzzle genre, Tumblestone is also a bit weird as you can “help a sausage make friends”. Should be interesting then.

Xbox 360 (& Xbox One)
Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 (1st July – 31st July) – tactical action in Vegas with a cover based element, the Vegas series didn’t really ever quite do it for me. It just felt a bit less Rainbow and a bit more generic FPS. Still, it’s free.

Tron Evolution (16th July – 31st July) – third person action-adventure game. Prolly only worth it if you love Tron.


Playstation 4
Furi – a game of carefully crafted duels (or boss fights) it is supposed to be both simple and deep.

Saint’s Row: Gat Out of Hell – Full blown over the top 3rd person action. Once a GTA clone, Gat Out of Hell is the Saint’s Row team’s most extreme take on the open world crime-em-up style. In hell.

Paragon – special bonus game for this month, early access for all PS Plus members before open beta on August 16th. It’s a nice looking third person MOBA. We’ve been playing it a bit, it’s worth checking out.

Playstation 3
Fat Princess – real time action strategy game for up to 32 players. Your team need to get cakes to try and feed the opposing team’s princess to make her heavier and harder to get back to their base. I can’t help but feel if this was made today you’d be encouraging your own princess to embrace the way she looks and just be happy in her own skin. Oh well.

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood – A rare FPS western. Why aren’t there more of these? Ace game this, playing two brothers (one a priest) trying to find gold after deserting their post in the American Civil War.

Playstation Vita
Oreshikia: Tainted Bloodlines – a JRPG about a cursed bloodline destining to fight a demon.

Prince of Persia: Revelation – a much darker follow up to the Sands of Time. An enhanced release of Warrior Within for PSP it as additional areas but remains as broody as can be with an emo prince.

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