August’s Free Games Preview

The summer drought is officially here (although there are a few dribbles of new releases) so it’s a prime opportunity for some quality free games – take alook below and see what you’ll be able to grab this month…

Xbox One: 

Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate (Aug 1st-Aug 31st): Port of an old Xbox 360 hack and slash game. Very similar to Dynasty Warriors which will give you a good idea of what to expect.

WWE 2K16 (Aug 16th-Sept 15th): The best wrestling game in many years, lots of modes, huge roster, a really great title. I reviewed it here…

Xbox 360 (& Xbox One)

Spelunky (Aug 1st-Aug 15th): Spelunky is an absolute gem. Rogue like mining, traversing different worlds, randomised every time you play. Hugely challenging, hugely rewarding.

Beyond Good and Evil HD (Aug 16th-Aug 31st): Improved character models and textures from Beyond Good and Evil (released back in 2003) it’s an action adventure third person game. Generally it was received fairly well.

Playstation 4

Rebel Galaxy: A big open space combat game. Don’t get too many of these around today, looks interesting. Find out more in the review.

Tricky Towers: I normally balk at these puzzle type indie games but this could be good – you need to build towers using Tetris blocks whilst sabotaging other players. Could be good.

PS Vita

Patapon 3: Weird looking rhythm game for PSP originally. There’s a story which sounds as weird as it looks, but it’s a fantastic rhythm game if you give it a chance.

Playstation 3

Yakuza 5: Open world classic – or so I’m told by many friends who rave about this series. Lots of mini games to partake in and foes to spin kick.

Retro/Grade: A rhythm game but where time flows backwards. It’s kind of like a shoot em up in reverse it seems but you have to ‘un-fire’ to the beat of the music.

PS Vita / PS4 / PS3

Ultratron: Twin stick manic shooter with old school but very colourful graphics and cool music. I enjoyed this when I reviewed it last year.

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