October’s Free Games Preview

It’s a bit of a personal preference month for free games for October. Not terrible. But just as well really as there’s a lot else out… read on to find out what freebies you have coming up in the next few days:

Xbox One

Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings (October 1st—October 31st) – free as a sequel is announced, a cutesy basketball game which looks like it could be fun. Baseball has a rough time for good gaming so hoping this comes up trumps.

The Escapists (October 16th — November 15th) – Top down prison escape simulator, I enjoyed this for what it is and a decent game.

Xbox 360 (& Xbox One)

MX vs ATV Reflex (October 1st—October 15th) – off-road simulation racing, lots of content and tracks here but the handling (much like all the MX vs ATV games) is fairly terrible. Why do they keep making them like this?

I Am Alive (October 16th—October 31st) – post-apocalyptic Ubisoft action, forcing you to survive and be depressed.

Playstation 4

Resident Evil – remaster of the remaster of the original Resident Evil. Despite the controls it still works today, seems much harder than I remember it being. Annoyingly this is the version with the remixed dialogue, so no more “master of unlocking”.

Transformers: Devastation – open world transform-em-up, looks nice but I found the gameplay to be very basic and samey. It may be one for hardcore Transformer fans only.

Playstation 3

Mad Riders – Funny it’s free the same month as Reflex on Xbox as this is basically a fun version of the same game.

From Dust – control the existence and development of a native tribe.

Playstation Vita

Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ – a stylish visual novel which is simple but fun.

Actual Sunlight – a short interactive story about love, depression, and the corporation. Sounds interesting.

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