Board Game Review: Dobble Cars

A few weeks ago we looked at Dobble, a game based around trying to find the common image on two cards at once. It’s incredibly easy to learn, but the game itself is deceptively tricky, a memo which my 3 year old clearly didn’t receive while repeatedly trouncing us all at it. So with the little guy enjoying it so much it was a no-brainier to try out the Disney Cars version, combining his favourite films with a game he’s really enjoyed playing.

The result is everything that you’d expect from a version designed for younger folk – it’s slightly simpler, there are less images on each card and as such slightly less cards in the set. And yet it still maintains the magic that the main game possessed, and with the images on the cards far more recognisable to a child obsessed with the Disney films it makes it a far more enjoyable game for them – that’s saying something considering how much my son enjoyed Dobble Chrono.


The images are a great mix of the characters and themes from the films, from Lightning McQueen himself through to other characters like Francesco Bernoulli and various other symbols like road signs and traffic cones. Despite there being less images on the cards there are still plenty of panic-inducing “which one’s on both cards??” moments as you scramble to find the image in common, and with the game coming with a leaflet outlining a few different ways to play there’s no reason to think your little ones will get bored too quickly.

The cards also come in a really nice looking round tin to keep them safe, again something which was present in the original game but is far more valuable when it’s¬†possibly going to be chucked into a toy box without the cards scattering in every direction known to man. It is, as you’d hope, a Cars themed tin with a big picture of McQueen on the front as well which may well cause every bit as much excitement as the game itself.

So if you’ve got a child who enjoys trying to play your own games with you, or just outright loves the goings on in Radiator Springs then I’d strongly recommend you grab this and have a few games with them. They’ll thank you. Eventually.


Dobble Cars
Available Now, RRP £12.99
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