3 Comments on Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Beta & Recon Network Info

  1. I love Tom Clancy games, but for me the multiplayer (except Vegas) has always been mediocre. I really hope this new installment makes a dent in the military fps genre. It has some juggernauts it has to compete with, but if it brings something to the table that hasn’t been done (at least that well) before we could have a hit on our hands.

    Being able to study in game information sounds pretty interesting. Surprised more titles don’t include that type of information to its gamers.

    Looking forward to this release.


    • Iain (1110 XP - Level 5)

      I found the multiplayer on GRAW2 to be nothing short of excellent, I spent a lot of hours with friends on the co-op stuff. I think I’m looking forward to that more than anything else in Future Soldier.

  2. Christine Marcelo

    future soldier really is completely crazy. I managed to get a beta key download :D

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