Review: FIFA12 – UEFA Euro 2012

there are a few things that are far more worthwhile if you can ignore the sometimes wonky names…

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In times gone by, EA have released specific boxed retail games to coincide with the big football tournaments and have, in various measures, been slated for it. With this year’s Euro 2012 DLC plugging into an existing retail copy of FIFA12, people have got a bit uptight about that as well. It seems EA can’t really win. Well, they can, but I’ll come to that later.

Euro 2012 hooks into the main menu of FIFA12, giving you an easy extra option from within the same game. As you’d expect from a piece of DLC it uses the in-game engine that all FIFA players have grown to know and as such plays every bit as beautifully as it did when we reviewed it a few months back. If you want to know about the visuals, the playability and all that stuff then head over to that review first and come back here when you’re done. The only thing that’s different in terms of general gameplay is the commentary, which is billed as having all new and exclusive bits of talky talk recorded especially for Euro 2012. That may well be the case, but there are quite a few occasions when it feels a lot quieter than a standard game of FIFA12, almost as if they didn’t quite record enough and had to space it out to make life a bit less obvious.

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