October’s Free Games Preview

Bang smack in the middle of the gaming season, the October lineup isn’t too bad, headlined by one of the biggest games in the last few years on PS4.

Gone Home (Xbox One) – Oct 1st-Oct 31st – You arrive home after a year away, and your house is totally empty. Where is everyone? Indie hit story game headlines Xbox this month. We reviewed it ages ago. We liked it lots.

The Turing Test (Xbox One) – Oct 16th-Nov 15th – first person puzzle action, exploring the phenomena of consciousness and challenges the meaning of human intuition.

Rayman 3 HD (Xbox 360 & Xbox One) – Oct 1st-Oct 15th – action platform run from the Rayman team. Sadly this is the ‘3D’ one rather than the lovely 2D cartoon visuals that came later.

Medal of Honour Airborne (Xbox 360 & Xbox One) – Oct 16th-Oct 31st – very dated (now) part of EA’s attempt to dethrone Call of Duty. It didn’t work, and Medal of Honour Airborne is a bit rubbish.


Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain (PS4) – amazing AAA stealth action story brilliance. If you haven’t played it yet, you’re really in for a treat. We reviewed that too. We liked it lots too.

Amnesia: Collection (PS4) – horror adventure with both stories in the Amnesia series included. There is no way I can even think about playing this. Scary.

Monster Jam Battlegrounds (PS3) – really terrible monster truck racing. Avoid.

Hustle Kings (PS3) – pool action! It’s a pool game!

Hue (PS Vita and PS4) – a stylised indie platform game.

Sky Force Anniversary (PS4, PS Vita and PS4) – scrolling arcade shooter. It’s actually free on iOS but at least it’s free here now too!

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