Review: Overcooked 2 DLC: Campfire Cook Off!

You know the drill by now – more Overcooked content means more levels, new mechanics and some new chefs. Campfire Cook Off does not disappoint.

What amazes me is how they continue to find some cool new ways to mix up the mechanic for playing Overcooked.

The first level features s’mores to make. You need to chop up the marshmallow, cook it on a fire, sandwich it with the biscuit then add chopped chocolate (and later, banana). What makes this different though is that you also need to chop wood for the fire.

It’s at this point that I wonder if things are just getting a bit too complicated, or they are more designed for four players. Playing on your own (or with less than four) you need to carefully think of the jobs. Wood needs cutting, plates washing and delivering, food to chop and fires to stoke but not overcook. There’s a lot going on.

Thankfully, not all levels are that hectic. One of my favourite mechanisms is where you pick up a backpack and other players have to take the ingredients out of your bag. So depending where you are, and how badly they need the food it results in a lot of dashing to and for to get the bits. It ups the chaos – and chaos with Overcooked is just delicious.

Kevin levels also return. Those familiar will know these are hidden levels – on unlocking my first one, face with a huge number of portals my brain had a total meltdown. These are more challenging than in the previous content but once you get back into the swing of things, you’ll be happy that they’re adding something different and that little bit extra on top of the normal mode. Oddly the levels whilst challenging don’t seem to follow on from the theme – steaming Japanese dishes are hardly campfire foodstuffs (maybe they are in Japan though?)

Topping it all off, various woodland creatures make up the roster for the new chefs. The cutesy style of Overcooked and the wonderful chaotic multiplayer (and sense of achievement as you deliver all your dishes) continues to delight. If you’re a fan and you’re still playing with friends, you should check this out.

Reviewed on PS4

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