Gadget Review: Crash Bandicoot XL Device Holder

The Crash Bandicoot XL Device Holder is a big statue of Crash, that holds your devices. Ok, that sounds obvious, but, it does pretty much what it says on the tin.

First up – the statue is decent. It’s big and weighty, and can comfortable hold most controllers, a Switch (as is alluded to by the artwork on the box) or similar (I also tried it with a PS Vita). The nature of where Crash’s hands are, means you can charge your device while it’s being held (helpfully a micro USB cable is included) but should you elect to use it as a holder for a device while you play (ala Switch) then it’s a pretty neat looking holder.

The height of the thing means that it’ll certainly catch anyone’s attention who walks into your room, although Crash’s orange nature might clash with your decor! Quality wise, it’s decent – you can see a few seams where the plastic is assembled together and there are a few imperfections in the paintwork if you look close up, but nothing too bad.

In summary then, if you want a big Crash Bandicoot statue to hold your controller or portable devices, such as a Switch, give this 10 points out of 10. If you want a big Sonic statue, or anything other than Crash Bandicoot, give this 0 points of out 10.

Recommended (if you want a Crash statue).

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