September 2020 Free Games Preview

My heating just came on, probably should stay at home and tuck into these free games… some great stuff this month too, just the thing to fight off the early Autumn that we seem to be enjoying now:

PUBG: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PS4) – the original (sort of, not really) battle royale game. The one that certainly started the mainstream. I’d be lying if I said it was super polished and that, but it remains a great game. 

Street Fighter V (PS4) – a classic beat ‘em up in arguably it’s best iteration yet. I can only play Ryu or Ken (don’t judge me) but it’s decent. 

The Division (September 1 – September 30 on Xbox One) – the first Ubisoft ‘game as service’, it really came good later in life as a third-person looter shooter. 

The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 (September 16 – October 15 on Xbox One) – a point-and-click adventure set in a fantasy world. Apparently you don’t need to have played the original to know what’s going on, which is helpful. 

De Blob 2 (September 1 – September 15 on Xbox One and Xbox 360) – cool music, and a bland world with which to make colourful, De Blob 2 is a fun adventure game. 

Armed and Dangerous: September 16 (September 30 on Xbox One and Xbox 360) – crazy amounts of enemies and crazier types of guns give some excitement to this shoot ‘em up. 

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