December 2021 Free Game Update

Happy Christmas everyone! Feels slightly early but there are some presents nonetheless to keep you warm through the chilly winter weather, and we start off with some jail breaking:

The Escapists 2 (Xbox X|S, Xbox One, available December 1 to 31) – you have to escape! Escapists 2 adds a variety of prisons and locations with 4 player co-op to the excitement

Tropico 5 – Penultimate Edition (Xbox X|S, Xbox One, available December 16 to January 15) – the dictator, real-time strategy game, along with all of the expansions has you manage your island whilst dealing with all sorts of annoyances, like democracy

Orcs Must Die! (Xbox family, available December 1 to 15) – fantasy action-strategy as you fight off a load of crazy Orcs

Insanely Twist Shadow Planet (Xbox family, available December 16 to 31) – complex puzzles and bizarre creatures await as you battle to the centre of the planet

Godfall: Challenger Edition (PS5) – a looter-slasher action RPG, oddly in an adjusted version for PS5 which includes the endgame only (no story mode). Bit of an add choice

Lego DC Super Villains (PS4) – another Lego game, this one about the bad guys

Mortal Shell (PS4) – a single-player action RPG, all about the last remains of humanity fighting stuff

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