January 2022’s Free Games

Sony is pulling out the stops for the New Year with a solid collection of games, whereas Microsoft has elected for some lesser-known titles – either way it’s a healthy collection of “freebie” being offered up, so take a look:

NeuroVoider (Xbox X|S, Xbox One, available January 1 to 31) – battle through hordes of robots in a cyberpunk world, in this four-player twin-stick shooter

Aground (Xbox X|S, Xbox One, available January 16 to February 15) – crafting and building is required in order for you to save humanity and reach the stars

Radiant Silvergun (Xbox family, available January 1 to 15) – classic vertical shoot ‘em up with some new additions included in this release, such as the ‘Ikaruga’ mode

Space Invaders Infinity Gene (Xbox family, available January 16 to 31) – a new twist on the classic, Space Invaders. New power-ups and features enhance this update

Persona 5 Strikers (PS4) – I actually thought this was a football game, but it’s a new story in the Persona universe, as you control a team with dynamic combat across a Japan road trip

Dirt 5 (PS4 & PS5) – a stunning drive across a variety of tracks and off-road disciplines. Dirt 5 is a loud and messy (in a good way) arcade racer. Be prepared though, there’s no traditional rallying here (but there is ice racing) – check out our review for more.

Deep Rock Galactic (PS4 & PS5) – co-op procedurally generated mining shooter. Think Left 4 Dead but in the mines, where you have to dig your way out. It’s most excellent. And it has lots of dwarves

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