At Least Three People Using the PSN…

Don’t get too excited, but yes indeed folks, in a piece of news that should add a tiny drop of cheer to the lives of millions of PS3 users around the globe, the PSN is back online… or at least it is for 3 people. An eager-eyed reader of ours has spotted the stats on the Killzone site, showing that during May a massive three people have managed to post a few kills on the Guerrilla shooter. Is this hackers rubbing it in? Clever people finding another way round? Some kind of ISA magic?

No, it’s probably a few Sony employees running tests. but even so, at least it proves they’re actually doing something behind all the updates.

The PSN outage is really starting to affect a lot of gamers now – our Brink review is on hold until we can try out the online section, and other expected PSN releases have obviously been heavily delayed while Sony battle to get the network up and running. But this discovery should sew some seeds of hope for those gamers desperate to get online and play against their friends again.

Never let it be said that PS3 owners aren’t desperate for any piece of good news they can find..!

Want to check it out for yourself? Head over here


  1. What’s this psn you are writing about?

    I think I saw something like that once, but it feels so long ago I think it was on tomorrow’s world. 😉

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