How to Show Off Your PS3

Bought a nice new PS3? Need to show your friends just what it can do? Desparate for something to make you stare open-mouthed in amazement? Read on to find out the 5 (+1) most amazing looking PS3 exclusives.

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In no particular order…

Killzone 2
Some people complained about the KZ2 visuals, saying the colours were too dull and it all felt a bit dirty. Well, those people clearly didn’t noticed hey were on another planet in the middle of a warzone. What makes Killzone 2 such an amazing visual experience, even now, is just how much is going on. The shear scale of the war stops you from having a single minute’s rest, with explosions in the distance, gorgeous dust effects and dynamic lighting that wouldn’t look out of place in a Hollywood film. It worked perfectly with the game, and while many 360 owners suggested Gears of War 2 was on par (with other 360 owners saying the opposite) just wait for Killzone 3…

Gorgeous eh? Killzone 2 doing what it does best. Loudly.

God of War III
The latest in the God of War series was all about scale. Huge bosses, massive fights, and battles with what feels like hundreds of enemies all at once. When the first gameplay trailers were shown, it blew people away. When the game was released and looked even better, it was remarkable. Unfortunately, the game was also so manic and relentless it was generally the others sat in the room who enjoyed the visuals while the player spent 101% of their brain power on fending off whatever was thrown at them.

Metal Gear Solid 4
Konami managed to do amazing things with the original Playstation and the Playstation 2, and when MGS4 landed on the PS3 it wasn’t surprising how impressive the visuals were. You may already know that MGS4 has one or two cutscenes throughout the game (for “one or two” read “several hours of”) but they were great to watch and somehow fitted in perfectly with the game. As an overall package it was very well made, with extra camoflage options, lighting and particle effects all combining to create something that even some time on looks the business.

Uncharted 2
Those complaining about dull Killzone visuals will want a glance towards Uncharted 2. Running alongside one of the best storylines on the PS3, Uncharted 2 looked fantastic. Backdrops that go on forever, some of the best character animation to be seen and environments that crumble, explode and burn as you fight your way through them. With several jaw-dropping moments throughout the game, you’d be forgiven for concentrating more on your surroundings than the gun-toting bad guys hiding round the next corner. Naughty Dog also claim they’ve got a fair bit of the PS3’s power still to play with. Frightning.

Nathan Drake getting shot at in Uncharted 2. Happens a lot.

Hustle Kings
I wanted to include something a little less obvious. As a game that many won’t even have heard of, Hustle Kings redefined “shiny” when it was released on the PSN. Featuring some of the most polished balls ever seen in a game, and some great looking locations to play in the only thing missing was animated players. The ability to earn extra ball sets, including the simple brilliant neon balls, only makes you realise just how pretty a pool and snooker game can be.

One for the future: Gran Turismo 5
Give it a few weeks, and the most incredible looking racing game will be available on the PS3. Virtually nobody has seen the final version of GT5 yet but the weather effects, car details and track accuracy are already looking stunning. If you don’t like racing games but want to show off your PS3, buy it and just play back replays repeatedly.


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