PSP2 Out Before the 3DS?

October 29, 2010 Iain 3

…is it so crazy to suggest the PSP2 might do the jump on the 3DS, or is this just another example of Sony stealing some limelight away from Nintendo?

iPhone Review: Age of Zombies

October 28, 2010 Iain 0

Each time period features its own style of zombie, with music, sounds and snippets of speech also reflecting the time you’re in…

LOVEFiLM arriving on the PS3

October 13, 2010 Iain 3

the addition of LOVEFiLM to our current range of services is a very natural fit and one which significantly enhances the value proposition of PlayStation 3

How to Show Off Your PS3

October 7, 2010 Iain 3

…the game was also so manic and relentless it was generally the others sat in the room who enjoyed the visuals while the player spent 101% of their brain power on fending off whatever was thrown at them.

iPhone Review: Time Geeks

October 7, 2010 Iain 0

…you’ll have almost as much fun trying to find geeky references to various TV shows, films and other techie stuff.

iPhone Review: Doodle Fit

October 2, 2010 Iain 1

The number of puzzles available here will keep you going for a fair while, especially given how tough they become…