Back to the Future Trilogy Ships with Free Copy of the Game

Joystiq have reported that people buying the BluRay Back to the Future trilogy will be given a code to download the first part of Telltale’s upcoming game for free! Considering everyone should own these films, it’s a no-brainer. Quoted below is the snippet from the Joystiq article…

There’s a nice surprise waiting inside of the Back to the Future trilogy Blu-ray set, due to hit stores on October 26 — apart from remastered versions of all three films, that is. After ripping the shrink-wrap off our copy, we discovered an insert advertising a “complimentary first episode” of Telltale’s upcoming Back to the Future game for PC and Mac.

The insert lists a URL for redeeming the included code — “121GIGAWATTS” — which currently directs browsers to the the game’s homepage. We contacted Telltale to find out when the episode will go live and were told that the timing has yet to be nailed down. “At the URL on the insert, people will be able to register for the free episode and will receive notification from Telltale Games when the episode is available to download,” the developer clarified.

Also, if it wasn’t obvious, the redemption code isn’t unique, suggesting that the free episode will be available to the masses — Telltale, when asked, told us this will happen at or after the game (which is still undated) launches. “We haven’t announced the release date for the first episode of the game quite yet – soon though,” a rep said. Not soon enough, we say. Anyone got a DeLorean with a Mr. Fusion we can borrow?

Source: Joystiq

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