What You’ve Missed This Week #1

With E3’s bigger presentations and announcements taking over the headlines this week it’s easy to miss some of the other stories that have been floating around the place. So we’ve gathered together some of the less shouted about bits of key news that you might have missed.

Portal 2 Getting Move Support
The PS3 version of Portal 2 is amazing enough as it is, but an upcoming update will be providing both some new levels as well as Move support. Some games shouting about this have ended up falling a bit flat, but as this video shows this is actually looking pretty brilliant.



EA Developing New IPs for Next Gen Consoles
As if EA aren’t busy enough, according to an interview they had with CVG they’re looking to the future with a few brand new games for the next generation of consoles. While it’s feasible that some of these might not actually be released, the idea that there could be anything up to 5 brand new titles on the slightly distant horizon is very exciting indeed.


Crytek Already Way Ahead of Current Gen Consoles
In more next-gen possibilities, Crytek have said that they’re already developing titles that push the boundaries way beyond the current generation of gaming options. Given just how brilliant Crysis 3 looked at E3 the idea that they’re pushing the boat out even further is as mind-bending as it is fascinating.


FIFA13 Football Club Goes Mobile
As well as FIFA12 player receiving a boost when they import their club into FIFA13, EA have got an iOS app lined up to allow you to hook up your team to your mobile and access the player auctions for their Ultimate Team squads. As well as this there are plans afoot to allow you to share your FIFA activities through Facebook. Well why not, everyone else is doing it…


The Last of Us Not Planned for 2012
This wasn’t a huge surprise, but it still managed to disappoint a few people. Naughty Dog’s upcoming not-Uncharted game isn’t sitting on the 2012 release calendar, and instead is looking at a 2013 launch instead. Quite frankly there’s enough amazing stuff in the next few months, so having to wait a little longer for The Last of Us isn’t a terrible situation.

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