This Week at TGR: Episode 1

With E3 on everyone’s agenda this week it seemed like a good opportunity to fire up our new feature: This Week At TGR (probably best not to work out the acronym on that one). Each week the team here will keep you guys up to date with what’s on our mind, what we’ve been playing and anything else that seems interesting.

First up it’s Iain, who between consuming copious amounts of coffee and custard donuts (which must be part of your 5 a day somehow) has been putting in a shift on DiRT Showdown. “I’ve been tying up a few loose ends, completing the Hoonigan challenges around Battersea and the Docks and putting in a few challenges to those fellow Showdowners on my friends list. It’s still amazing fun online, there’s a great community to play against… If you haven’t picked it up yet, you really should, just for the joy of buggering up someone’s race on the last lap.

Aside from that I’ve had a strange urge to go back and play more Dead Island, and that was even before the announcement of the next part of the Dead Island series. I think it’s mainly down to the fact I’ve been listening to the We’re Alive podcast from the start and quite fancy some zombie kicking action.

In terms of E3 I wasn’t really bowled over, although Dead Space 3 has got me interested and Most Wanted is looking very tasty indeed…”

Kevin‘s been feeling racey too following the reveal of a potentially exciting title. “Thanks to the timing of most of the E3 press conferences coinciding with me either being out or unconscious, the only one I was able to catch live was the EA one.

I knew Criterion was announcing a game there and I absolutely adored Burnout Paradise, so when some of the first words in the trailer were “open world” I almost lost bladder control.

I watched Craig Sullivan demo the actual gameplay in awe (it truly was like a cross between Paradise and Hot Pursuit)… and then halfway through the demo my stream cut out. By the time I’d coaxed it back to life, they’d moved on to more games I wasn’t interested in…

So I dug out my copy of Hot Pursuit and spent a couple of hours with Criterion’s last big game. And that, pretty much, was my entire gaming week. Next week? A gajillion PSPlus downloads await…”

Finally this week Ricky was also feeling the NFS love at E3 while spending some more sleepless nights on his latest review. “This week my gaming time has been spent playing The Witcher 2 on the 360, I’ve been completely sucked into the world and am really enjoying the game so far.

With the rest of my spare time I’ve been taking in as much information from E3 as my brain will allow including setting my alarm for stupid o’clock in the morning to get up to watch press conferences. Not many surprises but a few new IPs announced which is good to see this late in the console cycle. My game of the show, Need for Speed: Most Wanted. What was yours?”

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