F1 2012 Launching on 21st September

Codemasters have confirmed that their upcoming F1 racer will be released on September the 21st, not all that far away at all. A new developer diary, also released today and shown below, details several of F1 2012’s new features including the Young Driver Test, which will act as the game’s tutorial mode, teaching the player about the nuances of racing an F1 car.

Commenting on the inclusion of the Young Driver Test, F1 2012’s Creative Director, Stephen Hood said: “The aim for the 2012 game is to make more of a complete F1 experience. [The Young Driver Test] gives those up and coming drivers track time to showcase their talents and it’s wonderful that we are able to copy the elements that happen on those real Young Driver Test sessions in the game.”

F1 2012 is set to deliver the most accessible and immersive F1 game for fans of all abilities with improved control and feedback for players using a gamepad and tutorial Hot Lap videos for each circuit narrated by former F1 driver and winner of Le Mans crash of the year 2012 (not a real award) Anthony Davidson. With more features yet to be revealed, F1 2012 is set to be the ultimate F1 experience to date.

Anyway, take a look at the footage, looks good no?


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