DC Universe Online Goes… Home?

At this weekend’s SOE Live event in Las Vegas, we got come news about the next paid DLC packs for DCUO.

What adventures to SOE have lined up for us?

Well, do you like PlayStation Home?

Yes, that’s right, I said PlayStation Home. Because the next DLC pack will enable you to have your own Lair, or Secret Base somewhere in Metropolis or Gotham, that you can style yourself, so the first thing that springs to mind for me at least, are the PlayStation Home apartments.

Of course, there is a long history of other MMOs adding House Building / Home Crafting to their games, but with this being the only real PS3 MMO, Home is a good comparison.

So what do we know about Home Turf? (See, it even has “Home” in its name!)

Unlike Home, which essentially transfers you into a new instance whenever you want to go to your apartment, your DCUO Lair will have its own permanent entrance somewhere in the city. But very much like Home, you will be able to decorate it with items you collect or win elsewhere in the game. These decorations will be tradeable which will open up a whole new market for the Broker houses as well.

Each “Lair” will have two new features that set them apart from other games though – you will have a Mainframe (which is also upgradable), which gives you access to new allies and technologies. By the use of a new communicator trinket you can add to your utility belt, you can call upon these additional powers or abilities from your mainframe and use them in battle anywhere in the game. As well as this you will have a Generator for powering the features you have in your lair – things you might normally only find in the HQ. No info has been shared yet, but we can assume it would give us access to the bank, the broker house, your mailbox etc.

Totally unlike Home, however, you will be able to enter each others lairs and trash the joint. Well, not quite. A new type of Duel called Lair Duels has been added, you can be matched up with a fellow player, then duel in each others lairs, ruining the decor as you go. Don’t worry though, any damage to your secret base will be reset after the fight.

Finally, a bunch of new high level solo end game content will also be added in this pack with new locations in and around Ace Chemicals, Stryker’s Island, Steelworks, and Arkham Asylum, all of which will be daily missions.

Oh and before I go, creative director Jens Anderson also tweeted some sneak previews about the next few DLC packs as well, in, as he says “no particular order”:-

“Origin Crisis – Future Luthor and Future Batman wage a war in time to erase the origins of famous DC heroes and villains. Raids and alerts!”

“Halls of Power – league halls come to DCUO. Celebrate your league’s achievements and stage your missions in your own hall.”

“Trials of Trigon – the demon god transforms Gotham into a hellish landscape where his children vie for his crown. Raids and alerts.”

So that seems like a load of new DCUO content on its way to us (for a fee).

Does any of this tempt you back to Metropolis or Gotham?


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