Atomic Ninjas Gameplay Footage

Coming soon on the PS3 and Vita, Atomic Ninjas developer GRIP Games has release footage showing just how the game plays, and it’s looking… well… a bit mental. Definitely one for groups of friends, you can tell just by watching it that the cross-game play between PS3 and Vita will be well catered for.

Atomic Ninjas is a bright, colorful and funny 2.5D multiplayer action platformer game, in which the player controls super-powered ninjas in frantic online matches against other players or bots.

While the game relies on traditional jumping and shooting mechanics, the players are unable to directly kill each other. Instead, they must outsmart and outflank their opponents and kill them using various environmental hazards and obstacles, such as lava pits, laser beams, traps, moving platforms, falling crates, etc.

Each one of the seven arenas is like a playfield with infinite number of possibilities to eliminate the competition. There are pick-ups, crates, lifts, air vents, levers, ninja-launchers, hiding spots and traps to experiment with. The most malicious players will be the most successful ones.

The game will offer a plenty of game modes, including Deathmatch, Capture the flag, Treasure hunt and various team-based competitions. Each ninja will be able to use super-powers, such as invisibility, flying, or telekinesis to add another tactical layer to the matches.

The game’s graphics is bright and colorful and keeping a “blocky” visual style and comical presentation, mixed with slapstick brutality. Split-screen multiplayer matches and single-player offline matches against bots are also supported. Players on PlayStation3 will be able to play against players on Vita and save files will be automatically synchronized between the two systems, if a player is using the same PSN account.

Atomic Ninjas will be released exclusively on the PSN this summer.

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