The Behemoth Sending Charity Chickens – You Can Help!

The Behemoth, creators of TGR favourite Castle Crashers (as well as a range of other top titles) have started their Chickens for Thanksgiving scheme over the past few days. The basic idea is that for every four Twitter followers or Facebook likes that are added over the next couple of days they will donate a chicken to a needy family. Have a read of what The Behemoth have to say, and hit the links included to head to the relevant pages on Facebook and Twitter. It’s a great cause, a great gesture and well worth taking a few seconds to help someone who really needs the help.

But you’ve only got until the end of Tuesday! Get clicking!

Dear friends,

As Thanksgiving nears we are reminded of the things we are thankful for. Namely you. Yes, YOU.

Thanksgiving isn’t just about being thankful, though; it is also a time to give back and share your harvest with those in need! This has traditionally been done with turkeys but we like chickens way more, so welcome to our Chickens for Thanksgiving event!

Be our friend, feed the world. Follow us on twitter, or “like” our BattleBlock Theater, Alien Hominid, or Castle Crashers pages on facebook.  Until the end of November, for every 4 new friends we get across all of these pages we will sponsor the gift of a chicken to a needy family through Heifer International. Through Heifer’s program the families receiving animal gifts are given training in raising the animals, and are helped to become self-reliant. The families then share some of the offspring of the animals to others in the village, starting the cycle over, and paying it forward in a way that we think is pretty great.

Source: The Behemoth Blog

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