Why Real Gamers are Choosing Playstation Move

Today’s announcement that Sony have shifted over 4 million Move units is an impressive bit of news, and one that makes Microsoft’s 2.5 million Kinect sales look a little pale. So what is it that is drawing gamers to Move in such high numbers? We’ve scoured the Interweb looking at users’ impressions of Move and Kinect, so here are our top 5 reasons why real gamers are looking at Move. Don’t forget we’re impressed with both systems, and this is by no means intended to fan any fanboy flames…

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1. Accuracy
The 1 to 1 accuracy of Move has been well documented, and offers its users something that Kinect just can’t do – give millimetre perfect movement tracking in every direction. Evidence of the use of this is starting to become obvious already with Move enjoying the likes of Tumble and Flight Control while the Kinect has you jumping around like someone having an electric shock. More intricate games on the 360 will surely come, but accuracy will never match the Move.

2. Feedback
I can see the benefit of controller-free gaming, but it’s just wrong. It’s the same problem suffered by the Playstation 2’s Eyetoy some years ago – if you’re in a fighting game, how do you know if you’ve hit anything? Well, you don’t really. The Move controllers let you know when you’ve made contact, which is a much more natural feeling. Double up with the more immersive feeling that constant physical contact with a controller gives you (except in dancing games, obviously) and it’s a more obvious option for most games.

3. Buttons
Yeah so Kevin Butler joked about it, but selecting something by clicking a button is a lot easier than holding your hand quite still for a few seconds. The Kinect does a great job of realising that you want to select something, that’s for sure, but it’s a slower and more cumbersome method of doing something that most people naturally already do with buttons. Again, the idea of swiping your hand to cycle through media items on the 360 is quite cool, but appears more of a novelty that you probably wouldn’t do if you were on your own…

4. Normal Games
Sony are doing a great job of integrating Move into some regular titles. Resident Evil, Tiger Woods, Heavy Rain and Killzone 3 are just a small number of examples proving how the hard core gamer is also being tempted by Move, something that Kinect is so far shying away from. Again, it’s early days for both systems, but so far Microsoft’s kit is aimed at a far more casual market. Don’t get me wrong, the casual market is huge and it’s entirely possible that Microsoft will nail it and do a great job. But we’re not talking about casual gamers…

5. Lag
Microsoft have cut the lag massively since their earlier pre-release footage, but users are still admitting that there is a small but noticable delay between their own actions and what appears on screen. The Move, while still not 100% lag-free, is as close to being instant as you could need, and certainly to the extent that your actions feel like they’re being accurately portrayed on screen.


  1. Heres another thought… Move has been out 3 times as long as Kinect. So if we do the math Kinect will have well over the sales of Move in the same timespan, over 5 million predicted anyway. Lets compare apples to apples shall we?

    • I agree with you but I disagree. Move was not out 3x as long as Kinect it actally has a little more than a 1 month headstart over Kinect. Stop the fan boyism both motion controls are good but cater to a different group of people. The writer of the article is right in his estimation that Move caters to the hardcore while Kinect is for the Kids and the casual gamer. I own both and I must say I prefer Move because it’s precise and because of the gaming experiences it offers. My sons prefer move as well and they’re 8 & 11. My wife and my daughter perfer Kinect and can’t get enough of dance central. So it’s different strokes for different folks.

    • well that is true, apples to apples….. now lets go back to the four year battle of why xbox has sold 4 million more consoles than sony… apples to apples right. Lets not forget the wonderfull RROD which saw many xbots having to purchase addtional consoles.

  2. Real gamers choose to play games, regardless of what they use to play it. The whole “real gamers choose [x]” thing does more to insult real gamers than anything else, no real gamer would identify themselves by what accessory they buy.

  3. Re: steveo says: You’re an idiot. Kinect is a straight rip-off of the original PS eye and not that muc better. Sony will still beat them to it, released earlier or not!

    • Thats got nothing to do with what I said, I’m not taking over some other argument you’re having! Yes I am an idiot, so I wont argue with you there =)

  4. You have to take into consideration that one Kinect is all that is needed for two people, whereas you’d have to purchase two Moves for the same level of player input. While it’s obvious that not every two Moves go into one home, I don’t believe that it is outselling the Kinect 2 to 1.

    • No you don’t.

      Sonys Kinetic Game used as example runs with EYETOY, and on PS-EYE so no need for PS-MOVE for ( No Controller Needed Gaming ). Same as Kung Fu Live. BUT if you want to play games ( That No Controller Needed Games doesn’t offer ) then you use the PS-MOVE for that extra experience in gaming.

      But it doesn’t matter. 4.1 MILLION is more than 2.5 Million meaning PS-MOVE sells better.

  5. @ STEVEO.

    Move has been out for Two Months ( One month in japan ) while Kinect has been out for One month. So thats not 3 times as long at all. LOL.

    PS Move allows all types of games to be played, Kinect doesn’t. It’s just that simple. So that alone will allow PS Move to sell more than Kinect. ( Due to hardcore and casual gamers using Move and not Kinect )

  6. Move came out one month before kinect but that’s not really what the article is about. The article is about why a lot of “gamers” bought the move and its because its a quality and practical product that core gamers can use without sacrificing gameplay, graphics or technology to accommodate the peripheral. Although kinect is a good gimmick, it is very limited in the controlling aspects of a game which is telling by the launch and up coming titles.

    Xbl/psn- dylantalon

  7. LOL “Real” Gamers LOL

    How douchebaggery can you get?
    Anyways, I’ll just play the Wii. Because, you know Playstation has to copy just about everything 🙂

    I hate console wars. No system is better than the other.

    Nice review though.

  8. 1. PS-MOVE has been out longer, regardless of actual time (FACT)

    2. One PS-MOVE is required per user, like the Wii (FACT)

    3. Kinect can support 2 users per device (FACT)

    4. Kinect’s game library does not support many major titles (FACT)

    5. PS-MOVE has a different target audience (OPINION) While Kinect is targeting family, kids, and people interested in workouts PS-MOVE is target interactive gamers for FPS, fighting, racing, etc.

    6. Kinect works for PC (FACT) The announcement of future Kinect support for the XNA Development Studio means support for PC and Xbox.

    To me both have their disadvantages but in the long run Kinect is the future while Move is simply improving on what Wii already has. Kinect is very close to EyeToy but has many serious improvements which allow it to be a better device.

    • I did some more reading and noticed that after ONE MONTH, MOVE sold 2.5 million units. Sound familiar? So really theres no difference in sales at this point, so the article is pretty much not accurate in its basic premise.

      I’m just sayin..

      • Some games actually require 2 Move controllers for one person to play. Kinnect will only ever need 1.

        2 players playing that game need 4 controllers, Kinnect 1.

        That might explain the sales figures!

        • Not true at all either. ALL PS-Move games need One PS-Move controller. ( It’s optional ) to use Two Controllers for one person to play.


          Start the Party is 4 player, but all players can either use One controller between them or One each to play the game.

    • 1 = agreed

      2 = agreed, but one controller can be shared to play a 4 player game like ( Start the party ). While Kinect still needs a 360 controller to be used in some cases when Kinect asks for ( X button ) to be pressed ( as example ).

      3 = agreed

      4 = Agreed ( but could change )

      5 = Your Opinion thats all good. But, Kinect isn’t for family fun as it’s only TWO player, plus the space needed to play two player games on Kinect is not for most families anyway. So PS-MOVE offers the better family options due to not having these limitations being shown by Kinect. Plus casuals and hardcore gamers can enjoy PS-MOVE while they cannot on Kinect.

      6 = agreed. So does PS-Eye.

      The Playstation consoles always have given us future gaming, be it DVD, Blu-Ray, ect, they gave use eyetoy, ( same frames per second as Kinect ) then updated that to the PS-Eye ( 60-120 frames per second 2x-4x more than Kinect ), and PS-Move with the camera has allowed more gaming experiences than what Wii and Kinect has offered us. Son in someways Kinect is better than PS-EYE, but not in important ways ( like shown above ) The move FPS the better for gaming and for keeping up with fast motion gaming.

      Sony turned down the tech that Kinect uses due to limitations in gaming, ( as shown in eyetoy days )so knowing how Sony and the Playstation brings new ideas and tech to gaming, i would always back them in their ideas.

  9. LOL, look at the 360 noobs crying about the truth, oh dear. Kinect flopped, it has mega – lag, no decent exclusive games and PS1 graphics, nobody interested in real games would want one and sales prove that. It’s funny how Microsoft and their internet cheerleaders keep talking about “5 million Kinects sold by Christmas, blah blah blah” but in reality, PS MOVE will reach that milestone a long, long time before Kinect ever does.

    Kinect is garbage, shit flopped kids, sorry.

    • You Sir, give fanboys a bad name. I almost wonder if you’re an XBox fanboy parading is a moron PS3 fanboy. You sneaky bastard!

  10. ok.. heres the deal.. There are Extreme Hardcore gamers.. they types of people who save up 3000 to 6000 to buy a desktop PC. their game library isn’t from the list of what is cool that month.. and True hardcore gamers know what is good without even trying it. Microsoft knows this. they cater to a group of casual gamers. people who watch football daily, people who don’t know what GDDR5 is. if your reading this and your game collection is not approaching 300 titles. you should go to http://www.facebook.com instead of being here. you probably think RPG games are dumb. but if you like me and you now have 500+ games on all 3 playstations, both versions of the Xbox, Dreamcast, Sega 16, Nintendo 64, ECT, ECT, ECT. then you know which motion controller you would rather own.. guess which one I have.. If you guessed move you would be correct.. the kinect is not something new.. it is just more shiny than the PS2 version.

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