Top 5 PS3 Bargains for Christmas

Looking for a cheap present for someone? Looking for something new to play but can’t afford much because of your family’s presents soaking up all of your hard earned cash? Use our top 5 bargains guide to see what you could be playing in the run up to Christmas! Found something we’ve missed? Let us know!

1. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit – £22.99 (Gameplay)
Given a score of 9 by us only yesterday, Hot Pursuit has blown everyone away with its sheer quality, racing fun and the horribly addictive Autolog. For a penny shy of £23, you’ll get a lot of gaming for your money and will certainly keep you entertained when you’ve finished your wrapping.

2. NBA 2K11 – £17.93 (TheHut)
Fancy something a little different? NBA 2k11 was well received by critics and will give you a nice break from your usual styles of driving and shooting games. Also good for a quick blast if you don’t have much time.

3. Fallout: New Vegas – £22 (Amazon)
New Vegas followed up Fallout 3 in spectacular fashion, giving so many hours of gaming many people will never see all there is to be seen. With Amazon offering such a low price it could be a worth addition to your Christmas, but don’t be surprised when you sit down to play for half an hour and 6 hours passes.

4. Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 – £17.99 (Base)
One for the kids, spouse, friends, whatever. The Lego games mix cuteness with puzzle solving and great playability and Harry Potter will engage anyone who’s ever played with Lego or involved themselves somewhow with Harry Potter. Which is pretty much everyone.

5. The Beatles Rock Band – £5 (HMV)
Ok so you’ll need to have already forked out for drums, mics or a guitar but for those with the kit a fiver to play some of the world’s greatest songs is a no brainer. Great for post-Turkey laughs too.

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