Risen 3 Screens Show Plenty of Variety

When we reviewed Risen 2 a while back a few things disappointed us, so we’re naturally looking forward to seeing what Risen 3 has to offer when it’s released next month. Meanwhile, we’ve got a heap of screens and info for you which will help you see what it’s all about…

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Forsaken by the gods, the perilous world of Risen 3 stands on the brink of ruin, its peoples threatened by a mysterious menace from the darkness. But dark knights are regrouping, driven by ancient convictions and equipped with the best weapons and armour mankind has to offer: the Demon Hunters, at one time a dedicated and privileged cult which has all but sunk into oblivion over the course of centuries…

The Demon Hunters hail from Calador, a rough coastline with a long-standing tradition in the north-west of the world of Risen 3. In the past, rich iron deposits and the superior skill of the region’s blacksmiths not only facilitated the construction of a magnificent stronghold, but also furthered the development of an advanced civilization. Once upon a time, the citadel served as a mark of progress, and even now, in its crumbling state, the black-and-gold bulwark still exudes an aura of protection.

But as the dark menace approaches, the time has come for the Demon Hunters to reunite in the former cultural hub of the world and give it fresh life. The new generation of the legendary Demon Hunters, founded by Eldric the druid, lights up the mythical green beacons as a summons to the ancient order of Demon Hunters. Under Eldric’s command, the knights recall their bygone power and renew their knowledge of rune magic and its spells. Trained Demon Hunters can cast thunderclaps to throw back enemies, summon shadow creatures to their side, and enhance their strength in battle with spells such as Rune Skin or Rune Blade, making themselves even more resilient and deadly.

The guild’s way of life is closely linked to the forces of nature and treasures of the soil. Only the indigenous people, the inhabitants of other regions along the South Sea who are known throughout the sinister world for their voodoo arts, have an even stronger bond with nature.

Every day, the decay of their citadel reminds the Demon Hunters of their negligence over the past decades. Eager for battle, now they face the dark menace, ready to revive the past and fight back the shadows with their mighty axes, hammers, and swords. The time has come for them to restore the Bay of Iron and the massive citadel to their former glory and strike fear into the hearts of their enemies.

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