Winter 2014: A Gaming Preview

Winter is coming… so is a fantastic lineup of games. The first Christmas season with the ‘next gen’ machines in full swing and positive momentum finally behind the Wii U is shaping up quite nicely, despite some high profile game delays unto 2015. Here are what we at TGR think are some of the highlights:

Destiny – Bungie’s first new game since Halo got people buzzing earlier this year with a highly positive response to Alpha and Beta testing. With record breaking preorders it looks like this FPS MMO style offering is going to be another hot IP for the developer.

Forza Horizon 2 – it’s the year of driving games with Horizon 2 showing that the Forza series is more than just good looking simulations. An Xbox One exclusive, Microsoft will be hoping this keeps gamers away from the competition. And if the soundtrack is anywhere near as good as the first we are really in for a treat.

Middle Earth: Last of Modor – Assassin’s Creed in Middle Earth? Sign me up. However whether it is different enough to compete with Assassin’s Creed rather than just be another clone remains to be seen.

DriveClub – Sony’s exclusive driver offering is up against Horizon 2 but with a focus on social integration, it could add longevity to a genre which can suffer from a lack of variety. It certainly looks the part with dynamic weather effects “just like the English weather”.

Project CARS – Community funded racing game supported by the team behind NFS Shift, this is looking to be something quite spectacular including one of the biggest selection of tracks in any racing game. The Christmas ‘hardcore sim’ for racing fans.

Assassin’s Creed Unity – Black Flag steered the ship (sorry) back in the right direction, so the true fully next gen Assassin’s Creed game has a lot of momentum behind it. A change of scene once again looks to keep things interesting, and with the addition of co-op play this could really keep folks coming back to it.

Sunset Overdrive – exclusive to Xbox One, there is no shortage of crazy weaponry from Insomniac. A mix of Tony Hawk and Crackdown this cold be the sleeper success of 2014.

Super Smash Bros Wii U – a jewel in Nintendo’s crown, Smash Bros is back with a Wii U and 3DS version. The big release from Nintendo this Christmas includes the biggest ever lineup, although the full roster is officially under wraps still.

WWE 2K15 – the first full post-THQ WWE release and 2K are ‘bringing it’. With new motion capture and commentary and the first outing on next gen, early footage looks spectacular.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare – you can’t have a winter lineup without a Call of Duty and finally it looks like we are going to see a step change in the series. Exoskeleton weaponry provides a game changer from Call of Duty of old. Whether this makes it too much like Titanfall is the question.

Halo Collection – Microsoft’s big hitter this year is a compilation of four previous big hitters. The inclusion of all the previous series’ multiplayer offerings bulks this out even more so is going to be very appealing to any past Halo fans.

FarCry 4 – you can ride elephants! Ok so there’s more to FarCry than that but this looks to build on the open nature of the hit FarCry 3 and then some. A new slightly insane baddie should fill the void left by Vaas and sets the scene for an end of year epic.


So that’s our selection of games to keep an eye out for. Are you guys looking forward to anything else in the run up to Christmas? Let us know in the comments!

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