Five Games We’re Very Excited About for 2011

2011 is shaping up to be an amazing year for gaming. There’s going to be some serious saving to be done to pick up every top-rate game that 2011 has got to offer, but we’ll be on hand a long the way with the latest reviews of the biggest titles to guide you along the way.

However here at The Gaming Review there are a few specific stand-out titles that we’re very excited about. What are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments!

1. Killzone 3
For PS3 owners Killzone 2 offered a heavy, beefy and noisy experience that grew over time, deepened with every online match and gave a single player campaign that gave an unparalleled sense of scale and warfare. Killzone 3 looks to build on that with an even deeper online mode and a campaign offering co-op, a massive range of environments and extra machinery to strap yourself into. Excited doesn’t come close.

2. Portal 2
Longer and bigger than the original, which in itself was a surprising work of genius, Portal 2 looks to blow everyone away with a whole new set of mind bending, portal shooting action. Portal was such an original idea, executed so flawlessly that it’s almost impossible to consider how the sequel will beat it. But we’re desperate to find out…

3. Uncharted 3
Naughty Dog have got a hell of a task on their hands to improve on Uncharted 2, but everything we’ve seen so far (including the new gameplay video we posted yesterday) suggests that Drake’s Deception will take everything that was loved about Uncharted 2 and better it comfortably.

4. The Last Guardian
Team ICO’s first outing on the PS3 is exciting a lot of people, not only in terms of just how amazing the game is looking but also with the expected sense of attachment and compassion for the game’s characters. Anyone who played ICO will know what to expect, but imagine ICO ramped up to 11. Bewildering.

5. Batman: Arkham City
Arkham Asylum surprised a hell of a lot of people when it was released, mainly because a game based on a film ended up actually being good. Well, better than good, it was fantastic. Building on the success of Arkham Asylum this sequel is showing all the signs of becoming another Game of the Year contender. We’ve even got Catwoman this time round. Result.


  1. Out of these Portal 2 and Last Guardian top my list.
    Interested in seeing what Last Guardian actually *is*, and the new stuff in Portal 2 looks mind-bending. Not to mention the co-op mode 😉

  2. Portal 2 – also interested in the Cloud gaming associated with this and how it will work and whether it will become a de-facto standard for PS3

    DC Universe Online – played and enjoyed the Beta and this will be a pay day purchase for me

    I’m sure the misses will be getting KZ3 so I’ll give this a bash on SP with the Move – not interested in MP for this as I have BFBC2 still supplying any online urges I have

    Ghost Recon Future Soldier might tempt me – although not yet “getting” the whole invisibility thing and hoping that squad mechanics remain

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