Preview: Fight the Dragon

Many games nowadays tend to aim for intricate combat systems, deep storylines and absurdly priced DLC packages to add more content. So what would happen if you strip away the complexities, make an RPG with little by way of traditional RPG elements but make the content itself incredibly accessible and give the ability to play an unlimited number of levels made by other people without paying a penny? You get Fight the Dragon, that’s what.

It’s a hack and slash RPG-lite game which borrows looks from the current trend of large pixelled graphics and provides bite-sized levels which either stand alone or as part of a larger adventure across multiple areas. The stereotypical potions are in play, as well as various classes to choose from which start to diversify more as you climb up through the levels. Gameplay is fairly shallow, but fun nevertheless and the simpler style allows most people to feel at home very quickly – the ability to use a controller certainly helps with this.The name itself comes from the massively bastard-hard part of the game, whereby you’re teleported to a dragon’s lair and start to lay into him a bit. I say “a bit”, because this dude is super powerful and it’ll take many, many visits to wear down his persistent health bar. You’ll get there, but it’ll take some time.

But the main thing that will keep people hooked to this is the level editor. It’s huge, and allows a variety of levels on such a scale only really seen before in the LittleBigPlanet levels. That gives two angles of awesomeness: firstly, you can spend HOURS making and testing your own levels and mini-adventures, but also there are already incredible numbers of community generated levels out there, and that’s growing all the time. If you get bored, just find something else in the game to try – a shorter level, a combat-heavy level, and adventure-type mystery level, it’s all there.

So far Fight the Dragon is already looking very good, and at £11 you’re getting a heck of a lot of gaming for your money. It’s still Early Access so you’ll find odd bugs and problems, but that’s to be expected and a natural part of the Early Access process. But trust me, this is one to be keeping an eye on.

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