Review: Life is Strange Episode 2

With episodic game series being quite tough to review on an episode-by-episode basis (what with spoilers being very easy to accidentally drop) we won’t be featuring full length reviews, instead just giving a quick update on how the series is going so far. And with that in mind, Life is Strange recently saw its second episode, and with the opener showing some promising signs and tricky choices, it’s time to see how much difference they’re making already.

The good news is, those big decisions you made are already starting to change people’s perceptions of you, already starting to make things awkward and, depending on how you handled certain events in Episode 1, already making people behave in a very threatening way towards you. This episode is far more focussed on the relationship between Max and Chloe, and yet it’s another character which steals the episode with a staggering closing few minutes which will leave you with yet another nigh-on impossible selection to make, one of those beauties where every possible choice is wrong somehow.

There are a couple of annoying moments, where you’re having to remember the contents of Chloe’s pockets to a very precise degree, and later on trying to find some empty bottles in a scrapyard of sorts… but it’s easy to forget those moments. The story is really picking up the pace now, and with so many strands weaving their own tale (and inevitably heading to the same end point) it’s getting very tasty indeed.

The next episode is several weeks away, and I’m already desperate to see what happens next.

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