Review: Tales from the Borderlands: Episode Two – Atlas Mugged

After the rollercoaster ride of Episode 1, Tales from the Bordlerands returns after a relatively hefty wait, and pretty much straight away starts to deliver some fantastic conversation and action. While Rhys and Fiona continue to tell their respective stories (with some excellent variations in what actually happened) the events which unfold are full of excitement, humour and the customary awkward decision making.

But it’s the humour which stands out amongst it all, and as you’d expect from a combination of the minds from the Borderlands and Telltale crews there are a lot of genuinely funny moments. And yet despite all that, there’s compassion, friendship and family ties which muddy the waters and make your actions all the more difficult to justify to yourself.

More new characters pop up in this episode, and many from Episode 1 return to form the majority of the episode’s storyline, but the cast never feels bloated. Instead each character has their place, a clear role to play and a clear reason to be pushing the story on.

Hopefully Episode 3 will arrive a little quicker, I really want to know if my final decision is going to save everyone or screw everything up…

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