July’s Free Games Preview

It’s a really good month for free games on both Xbox and Playstation.

Kicking it off, Xbox are giving not one but two Xbox One games each month from now on as they chase the usually better offering from Sony. The start of the month gives gamers Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. This for my money is the best in the series, a seriously quality game. Xbox 360 owners get the arcade version of Plants vs Zombies. Can’t imagine too much excitement over the albeit classic tower defence game given every format ever has had a version now but free is free.

The back end gives 360 gamers more to look forward to with Gears of War 3 – arguably the best in the macho space marine cover based shooter with a quality multiplayer component. Given the recent announced backward compatibility as well this is a good result for all. Finally Xbox One closes the month with So Many Me – a colourful platforming puzzle adventure.

For Playstation fans, the (recently reviewed here) Styx: Master of Shadows is now free. Recommended here especially given the usually low sale price, now is an even better time to get this platforming stealth em up given its lowest ever price – free! Cross buy for PS4 and Vita are Entwined and Mousecraft (the latter also on PS3).

Entwined tells the story of a bird and a fish who are in love but cannot be together. An emotional arty game with a lovely soundtrack will be well suited to the long summer evenings we are experiencing. Mousecraft is a unique puzzle game – think of Lemmings meets Tetris but with mice and cheese and you have it.

Solely on PS3 is Rain, a story about a boy using the rain to protect him as he chases after a mysterious girl. Whereas exclusively on Vita is Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions. Most people have heard of Geometry Wars, this is a really good fun twin stick shooter although loses a bit of its classic attractiveness in my opinion through added complexity here to the game design.

A personal highlight for me is the release of Rocket League on PS4 (preview here). Launching on PS Plus, it’s football with rocket powered stunt cars. If the beta earlier this year was anything to go by, this is going to be an absolute blast.

Finally, DriveClub PS Plus edition launches. Late, but absolutely brilliant, now everyone gets to try DriveClub (another review…) for free.

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