Review: Minecraft: Story Mode

I had never played a Telltale game before I played Minecraft: Story Mode, so I was unsure what to expect. However, I am a big Minecraft fan, so I really enjoyed it. There are some parts of the game that Minecraft players will enjoy, such as the graphics, which are almost exactly the same as Minecraft (but the leaves have a different texture) and the crafting system, which works similarly to Minecraft’s, with all the same crafting recipes and even some easter eggs when you craft the wrong item.

It also has items like spawn eggs, and new items like slime blocks. It has a good story, and some characters who seem evil at first aren’t actually. All of the builds in the game were actually built using Minecraft, and places like Sky City look really cool.

You can collect items, which you might need later on, and the choices you make affect what the characters think of you later on, and how the game goes. For example, you can either go and search for your pet with your friends, and leave your building competition entry to burn down, or go get your pet on your own and leave your friends to stop your entry burning down. Later on in the game, if you tell your friends to save the build, you win the competition, but if all of your friends go with you, your rivals win. Another important decision happens near the end of the first episode. You can choose to save one of your friends and leave your hero, Gabriel, to die, or save Gabriel and leave your friend. Whoever you choose stays with your group until episode 4, and you don’t see the other character for a few episodes.


There are some issues, though. Sometimes, the subtitles don’t fit with what the characters are saying, and sometimes while someone is in the middle of a sentence it cuts to someone else talking, and also sometimes the characters suddenly teleport from one place to another. This doesn’t happen much in episode 1, but happens more in the later episode. The first episode is quite long, and all of the other episodes are really short in comparison.

Final thoughts
Good story
Feels like it is actually Minecraft
Lots of references to Minecraft
Some cool secrets
A couple of really fun puzzles
Really good builds, like Sky City in episode 5, which were actually built in Minecraft

Some visual glitches
Short episodes
Some puzzles are too easy

Reviewed on PS4

(Probably influenced by me being a Minecraft fan)

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