Review: T.I.M.E Stories: Lumen Fidei

So another new mission drops for the awesome T.I.M.E Stories, bringing with it a whole new period in time, whisking us back to Spain in 1419 in order to retrieve a mystical stone which is grabbing the attention of some religious folk. Time is handled slightly differently too, and with it comes a whole new type of challenge that makes Lumen Fidei one of the better expansions released so far.

These scenarios are tricky to review due to the huge chance of dropping spoilers, so don’t expect any plot based information here other than the fact that it’s one of the better stories that you’ll have available. With some of the expansions so far not quite living up to the standard set by the awesome Asylum mission which is bundled with the base game, it’s great to see one of the latest missions being fun, enjoyable and with a few of the puzzle mechanics from early on make an appearance again.

It’s also pretty difficult to guess what’s coming, again a sign of a better quality story that’ll keep you hooked until the end. Your runs through the game are handled a little differently, with the first run limited to 10 units of time, then 20, then all subsequent runs allowing 30 units. This proves to have quite an impact on how you approach the game – just wandering round discovering stuff until you run out of time doesn’t seem like a sensible option. The characters available are pretty cool too (including a nun who helps out with combat, which is quite neat) and with each having a different backstory and abilities there’s chances to take different routes with different ways of playing. As usual you’ll only get to play once before all the secrets are let out the bag, but you’ve got plenty of options along the way.

The mix, then, of having things to solve alongside the tweaked time system works really well, but there are other little aspects that help too. The characters and various story aspects come together really nicely, and with choices to make which will ultimately affect the game’s outcome there’s plenty of discussion to be had around the table. Having played this with a full quota of players, it’s certainly one of the better expansions for getting players bouncing ideas around.

In case you haven’t noticed, I really liked this. It seems to breathe a little more life into T.I.M.E Stories that was starting to dip a little, and if future missions can be just as good then the future looks very bright again. If only they’d time travel into the future at some point. That’d beĀ very cool…

But anyway. Got T.I.M.E Stories? Get this. Simple.

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