June’s Free Games Preview

Weather is hotting up but thankfully June looks horrible from a sun perspective. Which makes it good from a gaming perspective. Free games!

EA Sports NHL 19 / Xbox One (June 1-30) – hockey fans rejoice! Nice to have a decent (for now) sports game available. Experience EA’s seminal hockey title now.

Rivals of Aether / Xbox One (June 16-July 15) – very well received indie fighting game, across 2D planes, ala Smash Bro’s.

Portal: Still Alive / Xbox One and Xbox 360 (June 1-15) – the classic. So good. First-person puzzling. Great story. I’ve played this through many times. It’s always brilliant.

Earth Defense Force 2017 /  Xbox One and Xbox 360 (June 16-30) – third-person, over-the-top shooting. It’s crazy, renowned for its jankyness but fans love it anyway.


Borderlands: The Handsome Collection / PS4 – includes Gearbox’s looter shooters Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, as well as all the DLC for both. Looter shooters, generally loved. A lot of game here.

Sonic Mania / PS4 – finally, a proper Sonic sequel. It’s classic Sonic, new levels, remastered favourites. None of that 3D nonsense.

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