F1 2010 Hit by Major Bugs?

With Codemasters releasing F1 2010 to an audience desperate for a great looking and challenging racing experience, it seems that things haven’t quite worked out as planned. While elongating pit stops and removing the need for AI drivers to pit at all certainly increases the challenge, it’s not in the spirit of the game and surely not what Codies had in mind. This is, of course, a massive shame. The game looks gorgeous, and on the whole plays better than any other F1 game released before. But it would appear that some gamers aren’t seeing the greener side of the grass.

Read the full list of bugs here – found more? Let us know and we’ll update the list.

-Pitstop exiting hesitation (see targa thread for temporary solution) (ALL FORMATS)
-Race results not portraying actual results (ALL FORMATS)
-Tyre punctures occur far too frequent (ALL FORMATS)
-AI blue flag issue, they get disqualified (ALL FORMATS)
-AI Fuel: AI qualifying slower then race start (ALL FORMATS)
-AI ghosting cars (ALL FORMATS)
-AI erratic swerving (in race when heating tyres isnt necessary)(ALL FORMATS)
-AI drivers not pitting at all in a race. (ALL FORMATS)
-Sound delay on shifting (ALL FORMATS)
-Split timing would be Usefull on screen. (ALL FORMATS)
-Sector 3 times don’t stay up, you can’t ever see your sector 3 (ALL FORMATS)
-Slight lag on controls of car (ALL FORMATS)
-Camera bug in time trial when exiting and rentering session head/hands disaapears TBC (ALL FORMATS)
-Tyre availability bug in practice sessions, e.g., no Primes available in P2 image (ALL FORMATS)
-Cars not being serviced in the pits and just sitting there, causing user to reset race if teammate is stuck. TBC (ALL FORMATS)
-Pit limiter auto on regardless of setting. (ALL FORMATS)
-wet times too fast , almost identical to dry times !??! (ALL FORMATS)
– too much grip in the rain (ALL FORMATS)
– too much grip with Intermediate/full wets (ALL FORMATS)
– live timer doesn’t show personal best sector times (ALL FORMATS)
– third soft/hard tyre set not available in qualifying (ALL FORMATS)
– penalties given to player when ai hit you and also far too sensitive in certain forced situations (ALL FORMATS)
-Freezing and locking up often (XBOX360)
-Sustaining damage has no effect on performance on user or AI cars (ALL FORMATS)
-Remove hidden anti spin mechanic car doesn’t feel right (or give option on/off) (ALL FORMATS)
-IN/OUT laps not counted in lap count for sessions (ALL FORMATS)
-Users reporting Corrupt Save Data (ALL FORMATS)

Source: Various Codemasters Forum Posts


    • Had the game save data corrupt on me. Had spent hours and hours doing every practice session and 75% race distances only to attempt to load up the game when coming in from work to find the whole thing corrupted! Major boo boo from codies. Have to start over again but will this keep happening??? Am majorly pissed off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Not seen any of these yet (Xbox360) except when someone hits me i get the warning and was disqualified for this on Melbourne GP

    Only Problems other than that have been freezing at random occasions during a race. Practice and qualifying were fine but during the race on Monaco the game froze for 2-4 seconds with sound then went back to normal. and did this every lap till lap 7 in random places. Tested on another 360 with the same results.(my game is installed to hdd if thats of any relevance)

    • This happened to me, Alonso hit me I got a warning. Then later he span off the track and put onto the track in front of me I got a warning for an avoidable accident.

  2. This happens far too often with Codemasters.I purchased Operation Flashpoint which was extremely buggy……I vowed then never to buy any Codemasters games……..

  3. Only spotted two on the 360 version I have. Race times don’t add up, I was on F1 Career 2nd race I got into first and broke away and for some reason it said that Button who was 2nd was 0.0300 of a second behind my time when in actual fact he was near 30 seconds behind me. Also on another race I had lapped near the entire field of drivers and for some reason the engineer came over the com and said Hamilton is 30 seconds behind me….How is that possible when I was nearly up to lapping him??

    Come on Coddies get it sorted.

  4. Just had an online sprint race where the opposition started three seconds before my starting red lights went out (i.e. I was held on the grid three seconds longer than them). Finished 1 second behind leader, was awarded race win by 2 secs

  5. I was playing F1 2010 (xbox360) this morning and all was fine, have just this minute loaded th game and it says corrupt file! It can’t load my saved file!! Was really enjoying the fame before this and can’t say I’ve seen any other issues but it now appears I have to start from scratch again! Will it happen again in a few days?!

  6. Rushed and poorly structured
    It’s a shame but i’ve seen all of this, finished 9 races of the 1st season (hard difficultly) having to restart again and again after random punchures, penaltys, pits stops that take 20+ seconds etc and then my save game data currupts aand i need to start over.

    Under all of this is a decent racer but this is all just too much.
    if I dont get a patch to fix the currupt data within a few days I will send back to amazon for a full refund and will actively avoid this and every other codemasters product.

    How the mighty have fallen.

  7. I can’t say I have noticed many bugs so far, saying that though I have only played through the first three races of S1 and a couple of stand alone races whilst I was testing my wheel.

    I don’t have any lag in sound when shifting gears or in steering responses on my Fanatec soo?

    In race two most of the cars didn’t pit costing me a podium =/ Fuuuuuuu!

    I found that the erratic swerving is when the AI are trying to block a pass tbh, i don’t see that as a bug. One thing I do hope is that I don’t get hit with the corrupt data bug, as I’m not on XBL anymore I won’t be able to patch the game 🙁 And with what happened with the last racing game I bought with all these sort of issues (Race Pro) If the latter happens I will be gutted!

  8. I haven’t seen all of these but the ones I have seen are, some AI drivers do not pit at all (in the Catalunya career race Petrov did not pit, causing me to finish second.) I have also been held in the team garage during Q3 and not let out until every other car had passed despite there being plenty of time for me to get out and not get in anyones way. And two laps into the race some AI drivers are between 1 and 2 seconds faster than qualifying pace. The option tyres often are better in the wet than the intermediates. The pit crew often give you the wrong tyres (my race strategy was to change to intermediates but they gave me another set of options!!! meaning that I had to pit again to change to primes.

  9. I have seen most of these at some point or another over the past few days. The control lag, the freezing and stuttering of the screen being held in the pits and AI cars not pitting being the most frustrating. Have seen race order completely change when pitting also with cars randomly jump positions up and down the grid from where they were actually running. All in all pretty crappy for a game which has been soo long in the making.

  10. I had Ghost AI car drive through my car as if i wasn’t there in the pit lane, whilst i was flat out with the limiter on, he went sailing passed. I also hate being first in the pits then held in the pitlane whilst the entire field exits! Going from pole to the back of the grid just makes me angry…

    Also had the big freeze.

    Pretty shocking really. Not Happy!

  11. Pitted in 1st position then got held up by the lollipop man, came out lsst! I also finished last which means that that the other AI didnt pit. On the lap after the pitstop I was told by my engineer to pit again??

    Also why can’t I watch the other cars on track when I’m in the pit? Perhaps they only exist in the memory and are not shown on screen in an effort to improve framerate.
    Also some replays are very jerky. Love the game but it needs sorting before I lose interest

  12. So disappointed. With a pad too, it is difficult without traction control as the triggers are not sensitive enough. However use a wheel and you can feed in the power.

    Equally a sim game that has no white line rule and cars cut you up/hit you giving pens when they leave the pits.

    A good game graphically and with the basics of a good sim ruined by poor implementation. Feels rushed and unfinished. If this was a demo it would be exciting, but full version for cash….

  13. Most of these faults found on PS3. Very annoying, not good enough and not value for money from the most “realistic racing game ever”. Using kerbs in the wet done make you spin either. And the race pace being a few seconds faster than qualifying for the AI cars is just rediculous.

  14. The only problem i’ve found so far the the horrible lag in multiplayer on xbox live. Cars bouncing around in front of me from one side of the track to the other.

  15. I have also had the AI drivers not pitting…very annoying when you are denied a podium position because of it and also had a couple of AI drivers ghost past me when going into the pits.

    This simply is not good enough Codemasters.
    Sort it out or your loyal fanbase are gonna leave you in their droves !!!

    • I actually finished 4 th in my third race for Virgin, becase I was not asked to pit, but other cars were. It must have something to do with tyre wear and tear. All in all the game is good but there are far too many bugs. There isn’t even a chequred flag at the finish!

  16. The AI dont follow the pitline when its finish the pit stop.
    The AI cut the line of the pitline and go back to the race line.That means the AI dont follow the rules of pitstop. Most of time blocking you . Like on the monaco race.Its very dangerus move.

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