F1 2010 Hit by Major Bugs?

With Codemasters releasing F1 2010 to an audience desperate for a great looking and challenging racing experience, it seems that things haven’t quite worked out as planned. While elongating pit stops and removing the need for AI drivers to pit at all certainly increases the challenge, it’s not in the spirit of the game and surely not what Codies had in mind. This is, of course, a massive shame. The game looks gorgeous, and on the whole plays better than any other F1 game released before. But it would appear that some gamers aren’t seeing the greener side of the grass.

Read the full list of bugs here – found more? Let us know and we’ll update the list.

-Pitstop exiting hesitation (see targa thread for temporary solution) (ALL FORMATS)
-Race results not portraying actual results (ALL FORMATS)
-Tyre punctures occur far too frequent (ALL FORMATS)
-AI blue flag issue, they get disqualified (ALL FORMATS)
-AI Fuel: AI qualifying slower then race start (ALL FORMATS)
-AI ghosting cars (ALL FORMATS)
-AI erratic swerving (in race when heating tyres isnt necessary)(ALL FORMATS)
-AI drivers not pitting at all in a race. (ALL FORMATS)
-Sound delay on shifting (ALL FORMATS)
-Split timing would be Usefull on screen. (ALL FORMATS)
-Sector 3 times don’t stay up, you can’t ever see your sector 3 (ALL FORMATS)
-Slight lag on controls of car (ALL FORMATS)
-Camera bug in time trial when exiting and rentering session head/hands disaapears TBC (ALL FORMATS)
-Tyre availability bug in practice sessions, e.g., no Primes available in P2 image (ALL FORMATS)
-Cars not being serviced in the pits and just sitting there, causing user to reset race if teammate is stuck. TBC (ALL FORMATS)
-Pit limiter auto on regardless of setting. (ALL FORMATS)
-wet times too fast , almost identical to dry times !??! (ALL FORMATS)
– too much grip in the rain (ALL FORMATS)
– too much grip with Intermediate/full wets (ALL FORMATS)
– live timer doesn’t show personal best sector times (ALL FORMATS)
– third soft/hard tyre set not available in qualifying (ALL FORMATS)
– penalties given to player when ai hit you and also far too sensitive in certain forced situations (ALL FORMATS)
-Freezing and locking up often (XBOX360)
-Sustaining damage has no effect on performance on user or AI cars (ALL FORMATS)
-Remove hidden anti spin mechanic car doesn’t feel right (or give option on/off) (ALL FORMATS)
-IN/OUT laps not counted in lap count for sessions (ALL FORMATS)
-Users reporting Corrupt Save Data (ALL FORMATS)

Source: Various Codemasters Forum Posts


  1. There are some guys using rain tyre on the dry track.
    The rain tyre is ultra soft tyre ,and when disable the crash ,the rain tyre is alot better the dry tyre..

  2. I think this game is really good, except for the obvious, i hate the fact that you only have to touch a driver and you get a warning and/or a drive through penalty over a simple racing incedent also getting a warning for cutting corners when you clearly out brake yourself and are returning to the track……this is pretty crappy, oh yeh, 1 more thing, it crashed on me once too! been looking forward to this game all year, its a shame its so poorly made!

  3. These are ths issues I have seen on the PS3 version:
    openalties given to me when ai hit me and also far too sensitive in certain forced situations
    oNot all AI Drivers are pitting and this has cost me a race win

    • Re: oHaving performed my PIT and left I was forced to do another PIT stop for no reason (this cost me a race win)

      You possibly didn’t use both tyre options. you have to select the tyre for the next change using the down arrow menu. If you dont make the selection, the pit crew will change the tyres but leave you on the same option.

  4. I’ve been playing old F1 games for a long time but with everything on ‘easy’ with PS3 F1 10 I am still only qualifying 24th and not beating my teammate.
    Any ideas ?…….Ok perhaps I’m rubbish but feel I should be doing better.
    Engineer set up does’nt appear too helpful and can’t seem to get any times even playing with gear ratios etc.
    (I’m playing with the pad)

    • Yes, same problem with mine game too. Car can not develop speed over 5th gear and 220 kmh+-. Also very poor start and always last ??? First two days everything was fine but now Driving style is always on Wet, even after reinstalling the game ?? Can any1 help please

    • take your time and learn the racing lines first.

      the pad is difficult cos the steering input is very sensitive but you can get it done if you learn how to be smooth and flowing with the stick.

      If you move off the racing line in corners the game prevents you from accelerating. Staying on the race line gives you best time around the track and gives you access to power when required.

      Learning this will also smooth out your driving.

      The game also brakes for you in Easy mode so you can hold the accelerator flat out and not worry about braking while you master the race lines. I have switched the accelerator to the ‘X’ button so its easier to hold on.

  5. Wow iv been waiting 4 years for this! Been watching the trailors come out every month building my suspence.

    Have most of the problems, AI not pitting, delayed by lollipop man, random results. As if Hulkenberg could win a race!

    Also I think the cars spin too easy after comtact even with full TC on.

    I think theres too big a gap in performace of AI between hard and expert levels. Hard is too easy.. should be possibally classed as medium level.


    • My friends and myself can drive pretty fast on Bahrein in time trial and career 1:33.xxx Qualifying online was near impossible and managed to squeeze out a 2:09.xxx because whatever setting I choose there is NO GRIP.
      It seems that on-line racing has diffrent grip setting because I cannot stay on the track the car any car just breaks away with any setting or aid.
      I think online gameplay sucks big time

  6. I can put the car in reverse

    when I drive a full race in first gear revving the engine it doesnt break down.

    The engineer tells me that my team mate is faster in practice and tells me to copy his setup if i want. but that option doesnt appear in any menu

  7. Seems there are quite a few bugs I hadnt noticed.
    Playing on PS3 with DualShock 3! (no save corruption [yet]).

    Bugs I suffer from (including some not on the list):
    * Last corner of the last lap, in 3rd, passed the finish line in 1st (and lapped everyone at least once),
    * No option for tyre wear/damage (Have to change the difficulty setting to Hard/Expert, making AI harder to beat),
    * Unable to select quick setup most of the time,
    * Pit limiter auto turn on , whilst manual turn off. (with manual setting),
    * Penalties for player from collisions caused by AI,
    * No player Sector 3 times displayed,
    * Ghost cars while in the pits (sometimes),
    * Time penalties not added to race results,
    * Player still wins race without pitting on Dry track,
    * Penalties for cutting corner (when braking too late and have to reverse back to track),
    * Unable to cancel pit request (sometimes),
    * Flung towards pit barrier, then flung back to driving line, when driving out of pits,
    * No brakes when racing online.

    I have been looking forward to this game for AGES, and could be a great game once these bugs are fixed! Lets hope Codies sort it out! I have sent them a tweet (via Twitter) with a link to this article!

  8. This is really great feedback guys, I was going to buy this today but it looks as though I should either not bother or perhaps should wait for a new release, what a shame.

  9. im so disapointed about codemasters..we’ve been wating 1 year to get this game..what a shame..70% of the problems happened with me..and even without those problems can i know where the safety car? where is the PODIUM ? and befor the start of the race wheres the people the mecaniqs and why there’s no formation lap! and we want to be able to race a full and REAL champinship with the REAL drivers! WHAT A SHAME

  10. Have been in contact with Codemasters since i bought this game on 360, never complained about about a game to a company before in my life! full of bugs, terrible balancing of difficulty between tracks (i won first 3 races of season in a lotus then on a lot of circuits after that, especially street circuits, it’s almost impossible to qualify or finish much higher than last!), being penalised for brushing over curbs or for people driving into you! etc. etc. The worst complaint of all though is the random audio & video stuttering which seems to happen when it feels like it but usually on corners in monaco & pretty much makes you crash the car! was told by Codemasters to reset my xbox 360 cache which did little or nothing to improve things. What could & should have been a great game is totally ruined by poor work by Codemasters & i will probably be forced into trading this game for something else (something i very rarely do)…

  11. I also think the game has many bugs, The commentary by your tec guy is pretty useless. He says things like ‘Alonso is 5 seconds ahead’ when I am right on his tail! Also, what about the chequred flag, I haven’t seen one in any game so far! Still a very good game but obviously rushed out juts for the franchise!


  13. I’ve experienced many of the bugs already listed but what hasn’t been listed so far,at least that I’ve seen, is the bugs in Monaco.
    Merely scraping the wall causes you to go from 150 mph to an instant stop?
    Come on Codemasters….

  14. I agree with alot of these points.

    I find it so disapointing that the AI doesn’t always pit. Petrov is now 4th in the championship as he never pits, as if.

    I also agree with Darren the hard level is too easy, im winning in a Sauber, and the expert level is one jump too far. The differences between the two, for me is about 4seconds a lap – how/why??

    I hope the update patch fixes these problems

  15. Thank you for submitting your recent request to Codemasters Customer Services concerning F1 2010.

    We will keep everyone updated, via the forums, on any updates that may be released for the game.

    However, the issue with the pit stops can be easily worked around, ahead of any fix, by either choosing a longer race distance or changing your pit stop strategy so that you pit on a different lap.

    We are aware of an issue where the savegame is reported as corrupt after completing an R&D objective in the practice session of career mode. We have now identified that this only occurs if, after completing the objective, you…

    – Retire to the paddock via the Engineer (in the garage).
    – Terminally damage your car and select retire to paddock.
    – Get disqualified and select retire to paddock.

    As long as you progress to the qualifying session before quitting the game this problem will not occur.

    We are investigating a permanent fix to this issue, but the above workaround will allow you to play normally until that time.

    Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused

    If you need further assistance, please reply to this email and INCLUDE THIS LINE IN YOUR REPLY:-


    Or include the entire text of this email.

    Kind regards
    Codemasters Customer Services

    • {|CALLID|}=02239798

      I got the corrupt save game error on xbox 360. Wiped save game and started again. In bahrain was fastest in practice, continued onto qualifying, got pole position (got achievement for it) then continued onto race – where it put me into 6th place on the grid!!!!!! and my handling was completely different!!!!!!!! not good!!!!!!!

  16. I’m playing on the PS3 and the game constantly freezes for approx 2 seconds a time during races. It’s really annoying in straights and a nightmare in a corner. I also find that the “cutting corner” warning comes on a lot but is not consistent.

    • My xbox does the exact same thing, its very annoying as you said, in fact it has actually made me stop playing the game as it gets so bad.

  17. I don’t know if this has already been mentioned but I was playing this last night (Xbox 360) and I noticed as I was out front – everytime the cars behind me wne through a sector timing area the timer was only showing the 10ths, 100th and 1000th digits – There was no display of seconds.

    For example: Webber goes through timing zone in second at +0.335, Hamilton in third at +0.167 and Vettel in fourth at +0.762. It put me all out of whack with the timing and is rather confusing. Again, I’m not sure if this has been mentioned but I could se it in the above list.

    In particular, the pit stop bug where it makes you wait is terrible, they should just ghost the cars coming down the pit lane so it doesnt stop you from exiting if its too difficult to re-program the entire pit-stop workings.

  18. You also get continually told to come in and and check your teammates car setup during practice/qualifying, when you’re lapping slower than they are; but when you come into the pits, there’s no way of seeing their setup, or even working out which is best for each particular track.

    • I agree and I’m glad it’s not just me then JON.
      Also I’m struggling to get decent lap times in Career, yes you could say i should be faster but I was good in ‘F1 championship edition’ !

      • Seeing your teammates set up is a bugbare, for sure. Laptims in Career require set-up trial in the Engineer/Quick set-up section; typically move the cursor to the right to go faster on the straights but sacrifice cornering stability.

        I have been using prime tyres to learn the track, set-up to get quicker and then switching to the option tyres to really put in a quick time.

        I found learning the tracks first in ‘Easy’ is the best approach, you can gain confidence, be competitive and stay on the track for longer. Also, the traction control cuts power when you get too far off the racing line, forcing you to learn the correct line if you want to be competitive.

        These are all very realistic outcomes and responses from the game.

        I will leave the more difficult settings until I have grasped the racing lines.

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