F1 2010 Hit by Major Bugs?

With Codemasters releasing F1 2010 to an audience desperate for a great looking and challenging racing experience, it seems that things haven’t quite worked out as planned. While elongating pit stops and removing the need for AI drivers to pit at all certainly increases the challenge, it’s not in the spirit of the game and surely not what Codies had in mind. This is, of course, a massive shame. The game looks gorgeous, and on the whole plays better than any other F1 game released before. But it would appear that some gamers aren’t seeing the greener side of the grass.

Read the full list of bugs here – found more? Let us know and we’ll update the list.

-Pitstop exiting hesitation (see targa thread for temporary solution) (ALL FORMATS)
-Race results not portraying actual results (ALL FORMATS)
-Tyre punctures occur far too frequent (ALL FORMATS)
-AI blue flag issue, they get disqualified (ALL FORMATS)
-AI Fuel: AI qualifying slower then race start (ALL FORMATS)
-AI ghosting cars (ALL FORMATS)
-AI erratic swerving (in race when heating tyres isnt necessary)(ALL FORMATS)
-AI drivers not pitting at all in a race. (ALL FORMATS)
-Sound delay on shifting (ALL FORMATS)
-Split timing would be Usefull on screen. (ALL FORMATS)
-Sector 3 times don’t stay up, you can’t ever see your sector 3 (ALL FORMATS)
-Slight lag on controls of car (ALL FORMATS)
-Camera bug in time trial when exiting and rentering session head/hands disaapears TBC (ALL FORMATS)
-Tyre availability bug in practice sessions, e.g., no Primes available in P2 image (ALL FORMATS)
-Cars not being serviced in the pits and just sitting there, causing user to reset race if teammate is stuck. TBC (ALL FORMATS)
-Pit limiter auto on regardless of setting. (ALL FORMATS)
-wet times too fast , almost identical to dry times !??! (ALL FORMATS)
– too much grip in the rain (ALL FORMATS)
– too much grip with Intermediate/full wets (ALL FORMATS)
– live timer doesn’t show personal best sector times (ALL FORMATS)
– third soft/hard tyre set not available in qualifying (ALL FORMATS)
– penalties given to player when ai hit you and also far too sensitive in certain forced situations (ALL FORMATS)
-Freezing and locking up often (XBOX360)
-Sustaining damage has no effect on performance on user or AI cars (ALL FORMATS)
-Remove hidden anti spin mechanic car doesn’t feel right (or give option on/off) (ALL FORMATS)
-IN/OUT laps not counted in lap count for sessions (ALL FORMATS)
-Users reporting Corrupt Save Data (ALL FORMATS)

Source: Various Codemasters Forum Posts


  1. How are you supposed to know how far behind or in front you are of other cars in the race. It only gives lap times. You could be 10 seconds behind the leader, or 50 seconds theres no way of telling. You dont know if its worth pushing, or staying with what you have. Unless i’m missing something.

  2. There’s a few more bugs that i’ve found on the xbox.

    * Sometimes I find the flashback feature isn’t available to use – it often shows 2 flashback symbols on the bottom right of the screen but the blue button (x button) prompt isn’t shown so I can’t use them. Very annoying if i’ve made a serious mistake and have to restart the event instead.
    * I get a replay with a slow frame rate at the end of a race quite often and if its a wet race there are no rooster tails of spray shown for the other cars
    * Not a big problem but in career mode i expected my name to be shown on the cockpit of my car, it still shows J.Alguersuari

  3. Hi,

    I am getting most of these bugs on the xbox but one that really annoyed me was i got a 20 second time penalty for overtaking under a yellow flag when the other car was in the pit lane!

    I also sometimes get a radio transmission from the engineer saying the car ahead is 5 seconds away when im right behind them :S

    Does anyone know when all these are going to be resolved?

  4. Not a major problem but i get a radio massage saying that the car in front will be stopping in the next 5 laps and they dont stop for like 15?!!!

  5. Not a bug perhaps but i’m playing with the PS3 joypad and still not being competitive.
    Does aa steering wheel make a big difference. It just seems you have to have them fixed to something fairly rigid ? …..and sitting front of the TV doesn’t make it practical.

  6. Well ive found on PS3 that when you race in the wet it doesn’t matter which tyre you are using you can be fast. All the teams went into the pits allowing me to lap them i never went into the pits the whole race i span off and still got over taken and put into 3rd place and even though i was lapping faster than them i just couldn’t catch them up. Very annoying

  7. On a hot lap in qualifying and Button was just in front of me crossing the start line. I overtook him during the lap and gained pole, only for Button to take pole when he crossed the line some seconds after me. How is this possible if I have overtaken him during the lap?!

  8. I got a Major issue!!

    Just tried loading the game and it keeps on freezing while loading…
    …can’t get past it/have to restart my 360. Deleted my ghost times, save game data (haven’t finished my first season yet), deleted hard drive installation, and performed maintenance on my hard drive….

    Nothing worked until I finally and reluctantly deleted my save game data….now I have to start the season from the beginning (and I just made lvl 19 too…sigh)

    • I restarted my season after 4 races, due to the corrupt save data. But it happened again in the Shanghai Race!!! I have been playing 100% race distance, and this is wasting me so much time!!! sigh… totally unplayable for a full season. waste of time!

  9. I don’t know if it’s me, or something is up, but for some reason, when i get to every single left hand turn, whether fast or slow, the car just doesn’t seem to want to turn properly (compared to how it does a right hand turn). My example is Malaysia, where the very fast left/right is. I enter with the left hand turn doing rougly 130/140mph and i hit the apex but the car is twitching a lot and struggling to keep the corner, so i have to slow down. Where as with the following right hand turn i can blaze through that and the car turns smoothly at 150+mph. It also happens on the very slow corners such as turns 1 and 2. I know they are very different speeds but my car still doesn’t turn in even when i’m doing a mere 40mph! It’s frustrating because it only seems to happen on one side. Is anyone else finding this, or is it just my bad driving or horrible set-ups

    For speed referrences, i’m driving a Lotus in career mode on Expert.

    • Oh yeah, i have also had the Corrupt data thing at the Shanghai race and i too was doing 100% distance, on Expert and had managed to win the Melbournce race in the Wet on Expert. You can imaging how P***** i was when that happened!

  10. I’m using the PS3 gamepad which I know is not ideal but I’m still having trouble qualifying abopve 24th.
    I’m on amatuer and a Virgin car.
    HOWEVER……..I can be behind my teammate at the start of a lap, beat him easily by several seconds visually at the end of the lap and yet still be behind him in the listed qualifying times ! ……….and no, he isn’t doing a faster lap at a later point in the qualifying sesssion.

    • turn of the Amateur and put it on easy as in Amatuer i found the car automatically brakes and you lose a load of time, put it on the next level and you can use the brakes yourself and get a much faster time.

  11. I’ve just switched my PS3 on I see there is a patch which has loaded !
    I’ve only played a short time but does it cure all the MAJOR issues (A1’s not pitting, suffering damage, relistically retiring etc) ?
    I’ve just ‘tested’ it by causing a ‘pile up’ and yet no one retired ! (damage off on mine for the test)
    Yes I know I need to test fully but any other views from someone who’s had a long session please…thanks.

  12. Only bugs i’ve seen atm and it’s happened on 3 consecutive races
    Typical stuff
    * AI runs into you, you spin out, AI is unaffected
    * AI rams you, you get a penalty
    * AI swerves infront of you and slams his foot on the break, you get a penalty
    * passing people and it takes serveral corners to register you passed them if at all.
    * Qualified 8th,10th in the first two races the first one i started in 8th no worries and finished in 4th. Happy team
    Second race qualified 10th got a 5 position penalty for someone stopping in the middle of the track during my hot lap forcing me to run into him, still it started me at the back of the grid

    the the second one with no penalties Third race, i was on pole with 5seconds to go got bumped back to 9th even though there was only 6 cars on the track, so at worst i could have only been bumped to 7th and then once again i got a YAY you completed the qualify objective of beating 10th but i still started in 24th (no penalties)

    Only fortunate thing was i sorta caused a 3 car pile up and 2 went off the track when i overtook on the inside and the turned back into me and spun out.

  13. Does anybody else’s game freeze on startup? Mine freezes after ~30secs. Is there anything I can do about it? I have had the game replaced twice and still the same problem, at exactly the same place on startup. Can anyone please help!

  14. Has anyone encountered a pit stop bug where an AI car that is following close behind when entering the pits will suddenly fast forward right around you upon entry and is then rolling down pit lane to his pit box in front of you? Like…HELLO…since when did F1 cars have a teleport button on the wheel?

    Oh and another favorite is trying to hit the pit limiter line with the limiter on. I approach the line and even slow well before it and try to engage the limiter so I don’t get a pit lane speeding violation and I have hitting the button and NOTHING is happeing… But once I’ve crossed the line it engages it automatically and then my race engineering politely informs me that I have a drive through penalty. And yes I am playing on full difficulty so it should be manual.

  15. Playing with the BMW Sauber (second season out of five) and every time I get to Kuala Lumpur the disk crashing saying I need to clean the disk as it is unreadable? This has happened twice now…

    This happened to anyone else?

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