The News Review: Edition 3

Here at The Gaming Review we know that you gamers can be far too busy to trawl through the depth of the internet for all your latest gaming news, so we’ve put together the biggest news articles over the past week in one handy article, all laid out in a bullet point format for your quick viewing pleasure:

  • Sony has announced the PS Vita TV, which will take on Apple TV, a tiny 6×10 cm console which connects to a television set and can play PS Vita and PS1 games, as well as certain PS4 games. Prices for the Vita TV start at around £63.
  • Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD Rereleases will be included in a special edition PS Vita bundle.
  • Continuing with Final Fantasy news, Final Fantasy XIV PS3 players can upgrade their game to the PS4 variant for free.
  • A petition from one unhappy gamer has been created on to stop GTA V being launched on PC, so that PC gamers “learn their lesson and stop stealing games.”
  • SoulCalibur: Lost Swords has been announced as a free to play exclusive for the PS3, following in the footsteps of Namco Bandai’s other free to play games, Tekken Revolution and Ridge Racer Driftopia.
  • The M16A3 removed from Battlefield 4 Multiplayer, after being criticised in Battlefield 3 for being overpowered. Only the burst fire variant, the M16A4, will remain according to DICE.
  • GTA V will require a huge 8GB installation on PS3 and Xbox 360, meaning some console owners may have to buy a USB memory stick in order to install the game.
  • A demo of FIFA14, the latest in EA Sports’ hugely popular FIFA franchise, has been released for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 and features 8 teams to play as: Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, PSG, AC Milan, Barcelona, Borussia Dortmund, Boca Juniors and New York Red Bulls.
  • A new gameplay trailer for The Evil Within, the upcoming survival horror game created by Resident Evil creator, Shinji Mikami, has been released.
  • Battlefield 4 PC requirements have been revealed. DICE recommend PC gamers have an AMD Six Core or Intel Quad Core CPU, 3GB of graphics memory and either a GeForce GTX 660 or Radeon HD 7870 graphics card.
  • Capcom’s Deep Down could be coming to Xbox One as well as PS4, with Capcom saying the dragon game is in development for “next-generation consoles”.
  • Kingston announces the DDR4 RAM Kit, which delivers a massive 192GB of RAM. This is a huge upgrade from the standard 8GB or 16GB RAM kits. Gamers can expect to see photo-realistic textures if this becomes mainstream.
  • Humble Indie Bundle 9 has gone on sale. This new bundle includes Trine 2: Complete Story, Mark of the Ninja, Eets Munchies Beta, Brutal Legend and if you pay above the average, currently at just under $5.00, Faster Than Light and FEZ.


Finally, the top games released this week:

  • DuckTales Remastered (Xbox 360) – September 11
  • Arma 3 (PC) – September 12
  • Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX (PS3) – September 13
  • Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection (PS3) – September 13
  • NHL 14 (PS3, Xbox 360) – September 13
  • Puppeteer (PS3) – September 13


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