Castle Crashers Hits 2 Million Players; Price Drop Too!

We like Castle Crashers, so much so we gave it a very impressive 9/10 when we reviewed it on the PSN. Over on XBLA though The Behemoth have reached 2 million players, a feat only achieved by one other game previously. To celebrate, Castle Crashers is half price on XBLA for the remainder of 2010! Yes that’s three days, but it’s two days you’ve got to pick up one of the most fun and addictive games available.

“It is incredibly humbling to look at the leaderboards and see that crazy number. Initially releasing the game we hoped a few hundred thousand people would play it. We never dared to think of one million players, let alone two million”, said Kelly Revak, Mayor of Behemothtown. “We are so grateful to all the players for supporting us. We’re going to do something pretty exciting to thank everyone” said Revak. “Let’s just say there’s an Xbox made of gold involved. GOLD.”

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