Start The Collapse With The Division’s Pre-Release Mini Game

Today, Ubisoft have released Collapse, a realistic simulator that shows how quickly a weaponized virus can spread, leading to the collapse of society, as depicted in the upcoming online open-world action RPG Tom Clancy’s The Division.

Collapse is an online interactive experience that uses real data to create an immersive and personalised projection of the end of society. The user is patient zero of this highly infectious virus and has to make several choices that will have consequences on the spread of the pandemic.

This simulator is based on the storyline of Tom Clancy’s The Division, which takes place in a mid-crisis New York that has been devastated by a deadly fictional virus named Variola Chimera.  The Division, a secret unit of self-supported tactical agents, is activated to restore order in the city and take back New York.

This is definitely worth trying out. I started at home and managed to start a spiral which pretty much knackered the whole world in 26 days. It takes me longer than that just to read a book. ANyway, head to to try it out.

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